Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eat, play, love

Yesterday, I tried to describe the average playdate between the herds of Morning Bray Farm and the 7MSN. 
I got as far as lunchtime. We resume our story as Hank and I open the barn doors to release the wild beasts into the pasture.

I've already shared this picture of Bernard jumping for joy, but it cracks me up 
so you have to look at it again.

Ellsworth is next out of the barn. I'm sure his form is equally as magnificent as Bernard's, 
but somebody wasn't quick enough with the shutter.

Patrick: Wait for me!

As expected, the MBF boys turn feral and run off. Will we ever see them again? 
We decide to worry about that after lunch. 

I was too busy eating to take pictures, but the average playdate meal
includes this or this (cooked overnight in the garage so the smell doesn't wake me up), 
served on rolls made from this.

Anyway, lunch is over and Justina, Don and I climb into the Ranger safari-mobile in search of our wild animals.

We first spot Miss Lucy, in hot pursuit of her boyfriend.

Make that boyfriends. 
Bernard is in the lead, followed by Ellsworth, Patrick, and George, with Lucy desperate to catch up.

Lucy surges ahead, bypassing Ellsworth and George for the sweet young things in front.
Shame on you, Lucy.

But where's Alan?

Here he comes. Apparently he got distracted by an irresistable blade of grass.

The afternoon progresses and our safari driver takes us deep into the jungle,
where we encounter various species, including the elusive asinus bratius.

Out on the savannah, our safari driver naps while Hank eats, Ellsworth explores, and Justina and I
kick cactus.
Hard to say who is having the most fun.

I try for a group shot and get no cooperation whatsoever.

Then the afternoon fades away and we all come to the sad realization that the playdate must come to an end.

Smooch tries to kiss the boys goodbye.

And we bid adieu to our friends until the next time.


  1. Oh, no! The end of the day! Yes, there's always the next visit...I can't WAIT!!!

  2. Wonderful pictures, all of them, but I have to say that any photo with Patrick having a happy life goes straight to my heart and makes the tears start. Thank you for making me cry before coffee. Again.

  3. Sweet, sweet, sweet - what fun you must all have! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  4. Looks like a good day was had by all.

  5. Your roll/bun recipe is what I've used to make bread for the past 3 yr. I sub 1 c rye flour and use 3 oz beer (anything but Guiness) +7 oz H2O (beer adds good flavor). Everyone asks for recipe and I refer to it as "very forgiving", cuz there have been occasions I've let it rise 36+ hrs (1st rise) and overnite (2nd rise). Now, thanks to you, I can make rolls and buns.

  6. Looks and sounds like a great way to spend the day - with good friends and the herd!

    How do you round up the feral beasts? Are snacks involved -- and does Smooch feel like the odd-girl-out during donkey play dates?

    M in NC

  7. My thoughts are like Clairz'. What lucky animals to end up where they did.
    Good friends, good food, a beautiful day, just hanging out with a herd of personalities. The best. Thanks for sharing.
    Love the Smooch kiss.

  8. I want to be the first to confess I googled "asinus bratius". I am so gullible.

    And thanks for the recipes!

  9. They just have the best play dates!

  10. It's always lovely to see all of you having a wonderful adventure together. Especially knowing how fortunate each and every critter is to be loved by you and Justina. Sperled braticus' I'd say, but in the best way possible in safety and joy.
    Thanks for the recipes. We'll take advantage of them for sure. OmaLinda

  11. Love the photo of Smooch giving good-bye kisses! I was wondering where she was during all that fun. Your place looks like a wonderful spot for a playdate!

  12. So much fun!! I am the same as clairz about Patrick. It just warms my heart that he was rescued and is so happy now.

  13. A day in the life...I'm so jealous!
    And, asius bratius - really!!?? Too funny!! :) You're right about that first donkey's form. He could be a jumper extraordinaire!

  14. It was wonderful - we loved every single minute of it. xo

  15. p.s. I absolutely LOVE picture #4.

  16. Thanks for the great visit!

  17. Another great play date. But o my look at Miss Lucy go! Love her dapples by the way. Love the photo of Alan, what a cute face he has.

  18. Come back soon, ya'all hear eh!