Monday, August 13, 2012

Curious George is left holding the bag

I was driving around the ranch in the Ranger Sunday afternoon, determined to find at least one of five missing fly masks.
The next shipment is supposed to arrive this week. Yes, I'm buying them by the case now.
Thanks to all of you who told me about the sale at

 Anyway, I didn't find any of the missing fly masks, but I did find my herd, hiding in the shade of the trees. 
It's a relief to know they have the good sense to stay out of this blistering heat.

Curious George made a quick exit from the tree cave as soon as he spotted the Ranger.
I thought I had parked far enough away that he wouldn't bother it. Silly me.

George: Why, look! An empty feed sack! 

George: Maybe we can shake out a few crumbs.

George: Molasses favorite!

Alan: You need to put that back right now! What if she burns her legs on the seat cushion 
and can't take care of us? Think about that before you go stealing her stuff.

George: Make me feel guilty... Help me stuff this back in there before we get caught.
Alan: We? WE?? You're the one left holding the bag, buddy.


  1. I see Alan opted to go 'maskless'. Crazy fella.

  2. Uh oh. There goes your bank account. Now you're going to get their catalog in the mail. Use restraint.
    Poor Alan without his mask. That George is so busy.And so funny.

  3. Burro antics are the first place I look for a smile every morning. :) Thanks, Boys!

  4. They are so cute~how could you even get mad at them? :-)

  5. I'm with Cee Cee. There's no better way to start my day than with your gang.

  6. So fun...ny.....can't.....breathe..

    Thanks for brightening my morning.

  7. can't you put a canopy on the Ranger? I remember southern california hotseats!!

  8. Those two mischief-makers are just the best!