Monday, July 23, 2012

The line for love forms here

Some very special friends made the trek to the 7MSN yesterday. 
Rumor has it they come to visit every morning before they leave for school,
but yesterday was their first "in person" trip.

We hadn't been in the corral for a minute when Lucy and the boys came over and lined up for some love.

Lucy got more than her fair share.

Lucy loves affection, and she gives as much as she takes...with people, anyway.

With her herdmates, it's a different story.

Lucy: Don't you dare think you're getting in on this action.

Lucy: He's MY friend and I was here first.

Lucy: Get to the back of the line and wait your turn.

You get one guess as to what's going on here.

I've seen this look so often lately, it warrants a name.
I think I shall call it "watermelon eye,"

which would make this "double watermelon eye."

And this would be "watermelon nose."


  1. Estella from Co.7/23/12, 4:21 AM

    Boy, Lucy's dapples are really showing this year....she looks goooood. They sure do enjoy that watermelon, bet your guests enjoy the different antics of your herd. Have a good day and hugs to the kids.

  2. Ha! I was melting with Lucy's sweetness in the 2nd and 3rd pictures and then THE EARS WENT BACK! Way back. I think she was serious.
    Hank and his watermelon eye. I feel that way about mashed potatoes with a big glob of butter on top.
    I know your visitors enjoyed the personalities. Fun post.

  3. This is such a nice post. Thank you for letting me start my day with a smile upon my face.

  4. Your photos make it perfectly clear why folks use equines in physical/emotional therapy for people. What a love fest you had going there!

  5. OHMY....Can I come and play too? ;-)

  6. Secret friends of the herd. :) So glad you finally got to meet them. They look like perfect additions to the 7MSN fan club.

  7. The look in Hank's eyes! Usually when you see the whites of their eyes you cringe, this time it just makes you smile.

  8. Love the watermelon eyes. They all seem to really enjoy their visitors and soak up the attention. Great pictures and I'll bet it made the day extra special for the kids too.

  9. I know there is no contest here, but I still want to vote for the third photo down. It's a winner.

  10. Watermelon is such a great treat for them in hot weather... That is total watermelon eye, and so much nicer than stink eye.

  11. Thanks for a perfect Sunday. Casa de Cuckoo is still on cloud 7MSN. And for sure now, Ry wants to grow up and have a Ranch were his Sissy can keep all her rescue donkeys and horses. He says he wants chickens and a donkey friend just like Lucy.

  12. Carol in N. Colorado7/23/12, 9:29 AM

    How wonderful you got to meet more 7MSN fans? I bet the gang really enjoy having the attention. Hank is serious about having watermelon with that look in his eye. lol Lucy is beautiful with the dapple markings. Hope your visitors return soon.

  13. 'Watermelon eye' just about did me in early this morning ! :) :)

  14. Your blog and photos are just the best. What fun it is. It always makes me smile.

  15. What a beautiful post. I love GK and Ry and your babies seem to love them as well. Gorgeous pictures!