Sunday, July 22, 2012

Better than a clear blue sky

Can you handle a few more steel-stormcloud-blue sky photos? 

Good. Because I have a few more to share. 

Lucy: I love the way this light accentuates my dapples.

Me: Hey, guys, could you take your wrestling match a few feet west? 
I'm trying to keep that mountain centered in the background.

Alan: How's this?
Me: A little too far. Go back to your left about 10 feet.

Alan: Better?
Me: It will be as soon as George comes back down to earth.

Alan: I'm not sure I can hold this position much longer. My neck is getting a little stiff.
Me: That's ok. You look too posed anyway. Go on about your business and I'll try to keep up.

George: Oh, how I love the smell of rain in the air.

Alan: Nobody's interested in your running commentary.


  1. That first pic is a calendar shot for sure!

  2. As always my love of your pictures is only exceeded by my love of your longears. Not yours personally, but you know. Oma

  3. Oh, I, too LOVE your steely blue skies! We're supposed to get thunderstorms here for the next 3 days. So far this morning, there isn't a cloud in the sky, but it is REALLY humid!!!

  4. Great shots, love the commentary too.

  5. Could George be any more handsome? And Lucy's dapples are a very pretty summer look.

    Maybe George and Alan are doing a rain dance? Come on, rain.

    It's fun to see the shots you get while trying for that "perfect" one.I haven't been disappointed yet.

  6. Lucy has a tatoo like Popeye!

  7. Estella of Co.7/22/12, 9:28 AM

    Such a sense of peace looking at your blog.....even though the boys play a lot it's a fun playfulness. Hugs to all

  8. running commentary... harharhar

    Lucy is just gorgeous. I've always loved dapple grays.

  9. Lord, George looks like a matinee idol in the first pic !!

    ( Don't tell him ) ;)

  10. Lordy day, George looks so handsome in that first picture. I've been noticing Lucy's dapples more, too. I guess it's that summer look. Great shots of the burrito brothers takin' care of bizness. The sky is dramatic and beautiful. Great set of pictures!

  11. Carol in N. Colorado7/22/12, 7:46 PM

    Beautiful photos. Love Lucy's dapple marking. The captions really make the story.

  12. I never get sick of that sky.