Thursday, July 19, 2012

North, South, East, and West

I took my camera with me last night when I went outside to remove fly masks. 
The light was just right, but a storm was threatening so I was in a hurry to take care of business 
and get back in the house before I got drenched.

I stood in the center of the corral and looked west, to see my beautiful Lucy.

I turned north and saw my favorite color, a sort of steel-stormcloud-blue.

Another 90 degree turn and I was looking east, to see a tiny little patch of sky in amongst the clouds.

One more turn and I was looking south, at George and Alan who were looking west. 
Are you dizzy yet? I am.

Anyway, they stopped looking at whatever had grabbed their attention and proceeded to help me
remove each other's fly masks, at which point I stopped taking pictures and intervened before it got ugly.

p.s. It never did rain.


  1. It is awesome, isn't it? to live in a place where no matter where you look, it's beautiful.
    We are fortunate indeed.

  2. Darn eh! you couldn't play with your new rain gauge ;(

  3. I love that color blue as well. Too bad it didn't see fit to come sit over your ranch. :(

  4. Beautiful skies!!
    Same trouble here in Atlanta - or parts of Atlanta! Storms keep sliding by the north and south of us- lots of rumbling but no action!

  5. Another 90 degree turn...

  6. I love the wide open spaces you enjoy. *sigh* One day....

  7. I like the 2nd to last picture of George & Alan, they look like a PushmePullyou! :)


  8. Beautiful skies, they are always so dramatic out west. Glad you got to the boys before it turned into an incident.

  9. The colors of your surrounds are just phenomenal. Yep we got saber rattling thunder and big rich blue grey clouds and nary a drop too. At least the light show was worth the price of

  10. Did you really expect anything different from the rain gods?

  11. Great sky...

    Go look at this blog post for a hand painted postcard with a cool Italian donkey stamp on it. I follow the blog for the art but thought you'd enjoy the stamp.

  12. Just recently started following your blog. Do you ever ride your mules to the mountains(?) over George and Alan's heads? Beautiful scenery at your fingertips. Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Lucy is special! Your North and East skies look ominous. Hope they get here tomorrow.

    Those rascally boys know how to draw attention.