Friday, July 20, 2012

Exit strategies

Hank: Hrmmph. Guess it's not gonna rain afterall.

Hank: Might as well go find something to eat.

Lucy: What's up with this weather anyway? I was hoping to take a shower.

Lucy: Might as well go find something to eat instead.

George: Are you sure it's not gonna rain? You know how I hate to get wet.
Me: I'm sure.
George: Alrighty, then. I might as well go find something to eat.

Alan: What the hell's wrong with them? All they ever think about is eating.

Alan: I'd rather play.

Alan and George proceeded to run laps for at least a half hour, while Hank and Lucy grazed 
and I kept taking pictures of my favorite color sky.


  1. We had a storm and heavy rain yesterday evening. Sure looks like it wants to rain at your house.

    My heart goes out to Colorado this morning.

  2. Oh, I LOVE your sky! We are having the remnants of tropical storm Fabio here. You'll probably get it today or tomorrow...We didn't get any rain, but our local mountains got isolated downpours last weekend. We MAY get some sprinkles this weekend.

  3. Estella from Co.7/20/12, 6:09 AM

    Boy, it sure looks like rain....same here, we think we are going to get a good rain and it just doesn't happen :( All the kids sure look good. Hugs

  4. That's the trouble with having a 'big sky' view---you can see the storms as they snub you and go the other way.
    At least Hank and Lucy have their priorities straight. :)

  5. I'm not much different than they are-always thinking about eating! HA!

    I'm also sad about Colorado...

  6. I think all of your animals are special and dear but Alan is so cute. What a play it. Fun before food...we should all develop this attitude.

  7. As usual, such a nice sequence of photos and story, working up to the climax in the last photo. How *did* you line it all up so perfectly?! Mountain top and burro boys framed by trees, trees framed by Hank and Lucy... (and I for one am not missing the tree(s) in the center which the big machine ate).

  8. I could definitely be a burro -- well, one at the 7MSN anyway! This is a great sequence and I love the sky colors, too. I'm in central Indiana, trees already losing leaves and we've had rain three different days this week!!! Good for the birds and earth. May you be enchanted by the rain you desire. :)

  9. I love the sky too - and those gorgeous faces!