Thursday, April 26, 2012

How I spent the last day of my spring vacation

All good things must come to an end. Darn it. Wednesday was the last day of my spring vacation. Danni had a late afternoon flight back to Portland and Critter Farm. The plan was to leave the ranch early Wednesday morning, drop off Snapper at the vet for a re-check of his feline asthma, then head to Albuquerque and climb Sandia Peak the lazy way - on the tram. I was planning to show you majestic photographs from high atop the mountain today, sort of like this one:

photo courtesy of Sandia Peak Ski & Tramway

But about 45 minutes after we left the 7MSN and 10 minutes before we got to the vet's office, the conversation in the truck went like this:

Me: I don't suppose you happened to shut off the coffee pot before we left?
Danni: I didn't have time for coffee.
Me: Crap.

A few minutes later...

Me: How long do you think it takes for three cups of coffee to boil out of the pot and burn down the house?
Danni: We should go back now.

A few more minutes later...

Me: I remember back in the old days when somebody would leave the coffee pot on at work all weekend and we'd come in Monday morning and it smelled really bad and the bottom of the coffee pot looked like tar but nothing ever burned down.
Danni: We should go back now.

So we never made it to the tramway. After Snapper's vet visit, we turned around, made the hour's drive back to the ranch, turned off the coffee pot, then turned around again and headed back to Albuquerque. There wasn't enough time for Plan A, so we went to Plan B ... some serious retail therapy, then lunch.

City girls might have sought out the finer department stores at the mall. But farm and ranch girls? We headed straight for Tractor Supply, then Dan's Boots and Saddles.

I came home with a new Jolly Ball (on sale!), three tubes of Ivermectin (on sale!), a gallon of fly spray, and flag thingies to mark the patches of locoweed that need to be sprayed. I couldn't have been happier. I did pick up a little something for myself, too.

New work gloves! With pink-leather reinforced palms and fingertips!
Whoohoo! Top that, Nordstroms.

Wynonna: You've been gone all damned day.
Could you stop taking pictures and feed me, please?

Me: All right, all right. But not before I show everybody how lovely all the wood on the porch looks 
because our houseguest and friend extraordinaire helped us paint it while she was here.

She also posted about our escapade to find The Rodent Who Sleeps With the Chickens, as well as George's first time under saddle, here.


  1. Ooops. I think I left my comment on the other post.

    Who knew chickens could be such good mousers? And they eat ticks, too. Watch out, barn cats. You have competition for sure!

    And George, what a GOOD boy! Having a second riding donk means trail riding fun with friends in your future! Think about ponying him along when you ride out so he gets use to your trails. Soon you will be chatting and riding with a friend. It's the best therapy ever, trail riding with friends...

  2. What fashionable looking gloves you purchased my dear! Looks like they were very much needed too.

    The porch railing looks awesome by the way.

  3. Aah, all vacations must come to an end. The adventures that you shared were great. Thanks for keeping me on a holiday right with you and Danni and the critters. Now you'll have to find a riding partner for Sundays since you have a little guy who would give somebody a ride. You might have to take his buddy along too because they don't like to be apart from one another.
    Best always, Sandra

  4. I love those gloves! If i get some like those, i might not find them in my dh's stuff.

    The new ball will be greatly enjoyed.

    Glad i'm not the only one who forgets things and has to make the long trip back home.

    Your houseguest is great to help with all those chores! What a great time for you. And thanks for sharing. All the best to you and yours.

  5. So the coffee pot was on after all? At least you didn't get all the way back home and discover that it was turned off. Glad you made a fun day of it anyway. My BF and I wander the aisles of Tractor Supply about once a month.
    Thanks for sharing your vacation with us.

  6. I would say those are styling gloves. And I'm sure the donkeys will be thrilled with the new jolly ball.
    You and Danni looked like you had wonderful adventures during your staycation. Glad you had such a good time. You gals are so much fun.
    Oma Linda

  7. Glad you didn't burn the house down especially after all that painting work. The porch looks great.

    Poor Wynonna, I can see how she's wasting away to practically nothing waiting for dinner.

  8. ooooooo, aaaaaaaa, lovely paint job eh!! and girly gloves too :D

  9. I loved the big "made in the USA" on the jolly ball.

  10. So That's what it feels like to be a fly on the wall. *grin* I'm sorry about the coffee pot and the missed tram ride, but that was a very funny conversation. I can picture the two of you right now, with Snapper just shaking his head.

    Hi Mom & Dad!

  11. Danni is for sure the perfect houseguest. Projects done and a lot of fun. I saw her post about the mouse. How did Smooch feel about it? And's like he's just been waiting for someone to ride him. How exciting for you. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Dunno why, but I thought of you when I saw this:

  13. Wynona looks good in stripes :) At first I couldn't figure out what you had done to her "coat" lol love it jeanne in SC

  14. It must feel so quiet around the ranch today...Danni is the perfect guest and I can only imagine all the giggles that took place !!

    Porch and decorated chicken house will make for fond memories of yet another great visit !

  15. I didn't read through all the comments so don't know if someone mentioned it but.....I think part of your retail therapy should have included getting a coffee pot with auto shut-off. It would have saved your day! I can't trust myself to remember something like turning off a coffee pot, so that feature is a must for me!

  16. Sandy from Edgewood, NM4/27/12, 8:15 AM

    I loved following you and Dani on your vacation! Now... off to Tractor Supply for a Jolly Ball (on sale) and LOVE those gloves!!!

    Thanks for the heads up on the sales!!!! You girls are my kind of shoppers.... straight for TCS and Dans!

  17. Forget the tram! The farm and tractor supply is a TREAT! LOL

    And yes, I have been keeping up with Danni's vacation too. Love the way both blogs work WITH each other.

    Oh, and George's ride! WOOHOO!

    Sadly, all good things must come to an end! :((

  18. OMG YOU RODE GEORGE???!!!!!!


    And the mouse eating chickens, I'm thinking I'd skip the eggs for a few days.

    Just sayin...