Monday, April 23, 2012

Cinco de Mayo comes early in this part of New Mexico

Sunday was Earth Day, but since that is a holiday not particularly known for its costumes or festive party themes, 
we invited the Morning Bray Farm folks over for a fiesta. 
What's the harm in celebrating Cinco de Mayo a few weeks early?

George could not wait for his friends to get off the trailer.

Be careful what you wish for, George. 
He who is most excited about the party ends up leading the costume parade.

George: Alan, don't you dare leave me here to deal with these yahoos by myself.

I realize we were reinforcing a few stereotypes here, but as I explained to Patrick 
as Danni and Justina were outfitting him, learning to wear a sombrero and a serape
is a valuable foundation training exercise for a young donkey, 
one that will benefit him well in the future...say next Halloween.

Ellsworth: Are we supposed to call you Señor Patrick now?

As usual, Hank was a good sport and took his humiliation in stride.

As did Señor Don and Señorita Lucy, king and queen of the fiesta.

Lucy felt she deserved a margarita for putting up with us. 
Thankfully, Don was able to redirect her before she put more than her upper lip in the glass. 
Perhaps José Cuervo will hire her for their "Got Margarita?" campaign.

"So a horse walks into a bar and says..."

Sorry, boys, we don't serve minors here.

George: I didn't bring my ID. Try and distract the bouncers and I'll go around back.

Is there anything cuter than a donkey trying to steal a basket of potato chips?

Contrary to what y'all are probably thinking, we didn't spend all day at the bar barn.
We whiled away the afternoon in the pasture, the herd peacefully grazing while the alleged adults ... 
well, maybe I'll share that video later in the week.

In the end, Hank helped us round up the boys for the trip home and another glorious day came to an end.


  1. Viva Locas Donketeers y Senor Don tambien. Ole'.

    The mustache in the first photo is a woot. And of course as always all "da Boyz" looked fabuloso in their sombreros y serapes. The Kind and Queen of the Fiesta too, are darling. I now know Don's secret success as a hat model. Just do it.

    I love you gals n Don, always the fun crowd looking for the next great laughter adventure. Never leaving a comedic rock unturned. Viva mis amigas. Oma Linda

  2. What a fabulous fiesta !! When I see Patrick all decked out in his Cinco De Mayo finery I can't help but remember how he was rescued by ((( Justina and Don )))

  3. What a great day to have a party!! Looks like everyone and every donkey had a good time! I love when Morning Bray Farms comes to visit. I know the photos will be great. Thanks!

  4. "So a horse walks into a bar" had me hooting with laughter! Great photos and story.

  5. This is too cute. George's mustache,Lucy's Margarita kiss, George and Ellsworth plotting about how to get some chips. Your typical bar scene...The laid back ones keeping the rowdy ones out of trouble.

  6. just how much did ya'll have to drink anyway? =o)

  7. So much fun! I particularly love the photo of George in his festive outfit, and of Lucy with the wee bit of froth on her upper lip.
    Such a happy way to start the week!

  8. I agree too. What a fun day you ALL had, and what good sports some members of the herd were!

  9. Awww, I love the festive outfits! I live in San Antonio, Tx and we are celebrating Fiesta here for the next two weeks-another great excuse for a Margarita! Viva la Fiesta!

  10. Now thats my kind of play date eh!!

  11. hahahahahaha! thanks for the smiles :) what fun times!!!!

  12. Estella from Co.4/23/12, 6:50 PM

    When you all get together WATCH OUT...looks like a fun time by all. Danni, nice to see you back at the 7MSN. Have a fun vacation....I KNOW you will. Hugs to all

  13. Great photos...loved the mustache!

    Kind of in the mood for BBQ chips, even though it's only breakfast time. :)

  14. Thank you for including us in the vacation with Danni and all from Morning Bray Farm. Looked like a fun great time. for those of us who can not get away, thank you for the trip.

  15. Great pictures of everyone. Love Hank taking one for the team. Looks like a good time was had by all.