Sunday, March 4, 2012

Why one saddle donkey is enough

A week ago today, I sat on George. It was a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing – unplanned, unprecedented and completely uneventful. He stood there like he'd been carrying me around all his life. Since he wasn't wearing reins, and I was wearing my pricey camera, I kept our impromptu training session short.

But I realized a couple of things while I was sitting there that I thought I would share:

1. George is big enough to ride. He will be six years old in November...holy moly how did that happen? Since I brought him home in October 2007, he has grown into a sturdy and sizeable ...albeit short... burro.

2. George would love the extra attention he would get from me if I rode him.

3. Lucy would hate the extra attention I would give to George.

4. I don't have enough time to ride Lucy as much as I would like to, so the last thing I need is another rideable animal that I don't have time to ride.

5. The status quo isn't broke, so let's not fix it.

Maybe someday down the road (say 630 weeks from now when I retire) I'll have time to ride them both. Lucy will be 24 then and George will be 18, which in the grand scheme of things is middle age for some donkeys. Did you know there's a donkey alive today who was born in 1941 and can prove it? Her name is Flower and she is 70 years old. Here's a link to her story.


  1. You could teach him to drive a cart and then he could really help with the chores:-)

  2. Carson, you've given me something to think about. I have 5 GREEN horses. I'm never going to ride them all. Gigondas is...well...she's explosive. Period. Sunni spooks. He'd probably take off and I'd go flying. Quad is easygoing, but has reared twice when my trainer has TRIED to get on him...sigh...that leaves the two mustangs. They are both fearless and very sure footed. My problem is now solved.

  3. Good grief, I had no idea they could live that long.

  4. Estella from Co.3/4/12, 7:05 AM

    I bet Lucy is glad to hear all this. I must admit that driving is fun, too. Who knows maybe some where down the line you could have a team Lucy and George....wouldn't that be a sight. Have a lovely day and hugs to all.

  5. Dave in St. Louis3/4/12, 8:15 AM

    Ah, the strong silent type. He supports his loved ones without hesitation and without fanfare or boasting.

  6. Thanks for the lead to the story on Flower. Of course the makers of Kleenex thank you too for the boost in their stock prices from the flow of tears from Casa de Cuckoo.
    As to George ..... every animal needs a job but not all of them need the same job. You are a wise lady. Being the rodeo clowns for your rodeo seems to fit both Alan and George right now but whose to say what adventure you'll think up for them next. xoxo Oma Linda

  7. Wow! 70! If only our dogs would live that long too!

  8. That's a long time!!!

    Lucy is probably very happy to hear that she's still your number one and ONLY saddle mount.

  9. Amazing. 70!!!

    You know you're going to ride them don't you?

  10. This is the battle I have myself about getting a second horse. LOL

  11. i'm buying a donkey next month and, oh my, if i live a normal lifespan, this donkey could outlive me.

    she's 6, like george. now i don't have to feel so bad about the exorbitant price! (please don't tell me what donkeys cost in america!)

    ~lytha in germany

  12. Yes, but if we, er - I mean, of course - *you* trained George to be ridden, then when "company" came to visit, the two of us, er, dang - the two of *you* - could ride at the same time! (just a thought)
    :-) :-)

  13. Ok-since you asked so nice--I'll come help with riding!! Only coming from Maine-so it might take me awhile!!

  14. I went to Oatman,AZ yesterday and saw the "wild" burros. They are so stinkin' cute!