Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday encore ~ The language of ears, part two

Last Saturday, we revisited George's first same-side-of-the-fence encounter with Lucy. 
Today, we'll look back on the first time Alan met her up close. 


While George and Lucy were coming to an understanding during their first meet and greet,
Alan studied the situation and took notes.

1. Do not make rude comments about Lucy's rear end.
2. Prayers might come in handy...try to remember the words.
3. Girls rule.

Alan enters the corral and walks immediately to Lucy's hay tub. 
Having learned his lesson well, George exits stage right.

Lucy: You would do well to follow him.

Alan: But I'm just standing here being respectful and I didn't even touch your hay.

Lucy: But you were thinking about it. Now scram!

Alan: Since when is thinking a crime? I'm not going to take that kind of crap from her. 

Alan: Hey, George! You are going to back me up here, aren't you? George?

Alan casually walks around Miss Lucy, pretending he's on his way to get a drink of water.

Lucy: I have eyes in the back of my head and don't you ever forget it!

Alan may be low man on the totem pole in this herd, but he got in the last word.


  1. Ya! Take that, Lucy!!!

  2. Dave in St. Louis3/3/12, 7:42 AM

    Us guys always like to have the last word. Usually we don't speak it out loud, however.

  3. Since this is an encore.....have ya let Alan see that he at least had the last word.....once upon a time? long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away?

  4. Nice action shots as well, Carson. Notice Hank is only interested in food. They are such funny characters.
    Best always, Sandra

  5. Thanks for the smiles, I love your encores!