Monday, March 19, 2012

How windy was it?

It's spring in New Mexico. It's supposed to be windy. But this is ridiculous.

It was so windy on Sunday that Smooch and I stayed in the house all day
(give or take a few trips to the barn to perform the bare necessity of chores and to make sure it was still there),
watching the windows get battered with ten drops of rain, then umpteen layers of dirt.

Forgive me, my fellow New Mexicans, for washing my windows on Friday.
I take full responsibility for these hellacious conditions.

Smooch: Are you sure Lucy and the boys are ok?
Me: One can only hope. Keep an eye out in case one of them flies by.

Smooch: Please tell me the roof isn't going to blow off.
Me: I wouldn't want to lie to you.

Smooch: I guess this means we won't be going for a walk today.

Me: Sorry, Smooch, but I think we'd better stay home.

Smooch: Right answer.


  1. Those winds must have been bad to keep you and Smooch house bound! We've had more winds here this year, but nothing like that.

  2. I knew the dust was coming, the moment I saw that you washed those windows. There really is never a good time to clean windows in New Mexico, but at least you were able to enjoy a fleeting moment of clarity.

    One of our little dogs (Dweezil) went a bit airborne yesterday. He was dashing for the house and took the last curve way too fast just as one of those 58 mph "gusts" hit. He is still hiding under the covers this morning. He says his plan for the rest of the spring is just to be a bed buffalo.

  3. I'm guessing your window washing reaches further than you think---we're having terrible winds, and soon storms. Oh well, we can use the rain. Thanks. :)

  4. Estella from Co.3/19/12, 6:01 AM

    I think it is bad here, but out where you are and with all that dust...YUK....I feel bad that you JUST did your windows. LOVE the pictures of Smooch...what a face. Hugs

  5. LOL. When I read that you had rain and storms my FIRST thought was that you had just washed your windows. Then I scrolled down to the next sentence and you said the exact same thing.

    I need to wash my windows too, but I'm sure it will bring on the rains and I'm enjoying the "unusual" summer weather we're having here in WI too much to make it end.

  6. IS your fault! You washed your windows and then you had a wind storm! ...sigh...For me, when I wash my car, it rains!

  7. Whew, don't do that again eh! ;-)

  8. Carol in Colorado3/19/12, 7:40 AM

    No more washing windows, please. The wind has been terrible and it certainly doesn't help with the wildfires we are having. It's definitely been small dog/cat warning type winds.

  9. I agree with ya gal. We always get winds in the spring and watch Texas or Arizona depending on the direction blow through but yesterday was scary riduculous. We all hunkered down here too.
    Hope the barn tenants are all okay this morning. Oma Linda

  10. It's a good thing you didn't take Smooch for a walk or you might have had a Smooch-kite!
    I was worried that our barn was going to be gone with the wind. It sure made a lot of noise when I was down feeding the boys!

  11. Beautiful pictures of Smooch!
    We've had some mighty strong winds here in southwestern Canada lately, but at least we don't have the dust. Just rain, snow, hail, sleet, and other wet miserable stuff, none of which makes walking impossible according to my dogs.

  12. There's more coming your way; we had 50 mph gusts yesterday in Las Vegas. March is always windy, but this is CRAZY. Pahrump had hurricane force winds last week.

  13. Sandy from Edgewood, NM3/19/12, 11:22 AM

    I was cleaning the back stalls about 1:00 p.m. yesterday and thought the roof was a goner! And... me too!!!!

    It was so bad, the crusher fines we use in the stalls was blowing and sand blasting the side of the barn...

    I've changed the name of Edgewood to EdgeWIND! Then we got a little rain/snain/snow.... finally could see the pasture with all of our animals out there... safe and sound! The dust storm was so bad at times, could not see the pasture, road, or South Mountain... BAD!!!


  14. Oh these photos of your dog are so adorable!! I am new to your blog. Glad I found it!

  15. That is the most photogenic dog ever! Glad you didnt get blown away, smart dog. Smart mom to listen to him.

  16. Glad you guys didn't blow away. Smooch has such a soulful face. What a camera hog <3