Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday encore ~ The waiting is over

The post below was originally published 367 days ago. I can remember every detail as if it happened yesterday. 
 Lucy's arrival marked the beginning of a new era here at the 7MSN. We were meant to be.


To put this day into perspective, first you must stare at the view below for four hours:

That's how long I sat in my chair out at the barn until I finally saw this:

This is the part where you start jumping up and down, race out to the gate, and have happy tears start running down your face. 
We'll fast forward through the unloading and the listening to the transporter who talked verrrry slowwwwly 
when all I wanted to do was send him on his way so I could lead Lucy to the corral to meet her brothers.

She immediately dropped and rolled for a dust bath...

...then everybody checked each other out. All in all, it has been beautifully uneventful. Lucy will stay on her side of the fence and the boys on their side for a few days, 'cause that's just the way I am, but there has been no squealing or squabbling so far. Lucy is exploring the corral, hoovering up any hay she finds, rolling in every fresh patch of dirt, and otherwise being adorable.

I know everybody is going to get along just fine.


  1. Estella from Co.2/18/12, 5:44 AM

    The last picture tells it happy for you and Lucy. Hugs

  2. What happy memories!

  3. u sure it has only been one year? It seems that Miss Lucy has been part of the 7MSN forever ;-)

  4. A year of sweet memories. :-))

  5. ya know....I cried again. It still makes me so happy for you Carson....everytime I think of the joy that Lucy has brought into your life. And for the boyz as well....well most of the time, except for funny photo moments. Oma Linda

  6. I remember that day as though it was yesterday...and could you have dreamed that Lucy would turn out to be as perfect as she is?

    (BTW, I have to say that the winner of Westminster reminded me a LOT of Mr P )

  7. Definitely meant to be :)

  8. Aww, I am glad you re-posted this! I'd love to have a Lucy of my own one day! I'm glad she "completed" your ranch family.