Friday, February 17, 2012

Overheard at breakfast

George: Don't look now, but Her Majesty is about to steal our breakfast.
Lucy: Steal? I beg your pardon. I shall only take what is rightfully mine.

Lucy: Excuse me. Pardon me. Coming through.

Lucy: Well... of all the nerve. I shall just go around you.

George: Grrrrrr.

Lucy: You don't scare me.

Lucy: I will politely await my turn at the table as befitting a lady of my stature.
Meanwhile, mom will feel sorry for me and bring me tea and crumpets. So there.


  1. Do they ever really get in fights, sort of like the way dogs do over food sometimes? Also, do they have smaller hooves than horses? Lucy's look downright tiny in that last photo.....

  2. You often make them sound antagonistic in your dialogues for fun but really truly, how well or not well does Lucy get along with the others? They don't seem as cohesive as the bunch over at Morning Bray... just an impression?

  3. Don't forget the jam eh! ;-)

  4. Dave in St. Louis2/17/12, 6:27 AM

    There's definitely some blocking moves being made here. When Lucy moves to the right, you can see first George then Alan move to that end of the feed tub. I certainly hope you brought Lucy enough tea and crumpets to sustain her.

  5. Lucy is perfection.

  6. Oh that pecking order. I recognize it quite well indeed.It confirms the fact that I worked with animals most of my life. Ha!

  7. Taryn, they don't get into real fights over food, just a lot of ear-pinning and posturing when the tubs are nearing empty. And, yes, their hooves are much smaller than horses' hooves.

    Sigfrid, Lucy gets along extremely well with the burros and with Hank. She's usually on the outside looking in to most of their antics, though, being the most sensible in the bunch.

  8. Love Lucy's stand-up ears ... she gets her fair share of the goodies 'cause she is looking pretty fit for a lady!!

  9. Sandy from Edgewood, NM2/17/12, 11:23 AM

    Poor Lucy! She can always come over to my house and have all the hay she wants.... she knows my address doesn't she???? Maybe I should send her a note..... and a Google map!