Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday encore ~ The language of ears

You didn't think my reminiscing about Lucy would stop with her arrival, did you? Oh no. The best posts happened after she got here. 
Like this one, where she and George breathed the same air for the first time. 


Saturday morning, once the boys had finished up most of their breakfast, it was time to let George and Alan meet Lucy on the same side of the fence. I'll preface these photos – and there are many – by saying the herd quickly sorted itself out without any hoof-to-hide contact whatsoever. Whew.

I am fascinated by herd dynamics (as if you didn't know that) and could not stop taking pictures, so this will be the first post of several about George and Alan's meet-and-greet with Lucy.

I'll try to translate for those who don't speak "ears."

I let George into the corral first. He walked directly to the hay tub. 
Some things are way more important than girls.

After he had a few nibbles and fortified himself, George decided it was time to show Lucy he was #2 in this herd.

Lucy: You're delusional if you think I'm going to relinquish my position to you, Pipsqueak.

George: Yeah, you're probably right. Can't blame a guy for trying.

But determined little burro that he is, George decides to try again and makes one more lap around Miss Lucy.

Lucy: Just who does he think he is?

George: Hmm...nice ass.

Lucy: Don't you dare speak to me that way!

George: Whoops. I may have crossed the line.

Lucy: I will not tolerate your insolent, disrespectful behavior. Do you hear me now?

George: Hail Mary, full of grace...

George: Save me, mom!

George: Our father, who art in heaven... Crap. I forgot the rest of the words.

Lucy: Do. Not. Mess. With. Me.

George: #3 isn't so least I'm not #4.

Within a half hour's time, George, Alan, Hank and Lucy were peacefully sharing the remnants of breakfast and all was right with the world. But the magic of the day did not end there. Next on the agenda was a saddle-fitting for Lucy...

... which evolved into our first ride ... our first oh-my-god-I'm-the-happiest-girl-in-the-universe ride.


  1. its been awhile since Lucy let us tag along on a ride eh! (hint hint)

  2. I'm sure they've learned, you just don't mess with the girls. Love the way Hank was in the background not paying one bit of attention to their antics.

  3. Just love this story all over again. I hope you get out for a ride this weekend too.
    Best always, Sandra

  4. LMAO... and that's all I can say because I am laughing too hard to type anything else.

  5. Love the dialogue! Where's the pig/vet story??

  6. I remember my feelings from last yeas exactly as I watched George slide down the pecking order ladder. Poor #3 and 4. Hasn't changed their interaction or cute quotient a bit.

    Animals are amazing how they just cut through the crapola and lay it on the line. Nothing namby pamby about Ms. Lucy.

  7. I love that "Oh s**t!" look in George's eyes when Lucy decides she's had enough. (He is right about the nice ass, though.)

  8. Glad to hear Wynonna is feeling her old self again.