Monday, January 16, 2012

Somebody's going to be sore tomorrow

Sunday was not the perfect day for a ride, but it met my criteria of no snow, no slippery mud, above 40, and not much wind. 
I freely admit to being a fair-weather rider. I don't like being cold, nor do I like the immobility 
of wearing enough layers to stay warm in the saddle. Call me a wimp.

It was the first day since sometime in November that Lucy and I hit the trail. I'd like to think 
she was as eager to go as I was, but who in their right mind would want to have a saddle strapped on their back 
to haul somebody's butt down the trail when they could hang back in the pasture with her buddies and eat, drink and be merry? 
Nonetheless, Lucy came forward and took me down the trail. We had a marvelous time. 
But somebody's going to be sore on Monday after the long layoff, and her name is not Lucy.

What a joy it is to pick right up where we left off after our last ride.

No drama, no shenanigans, no acting out...

just an enjoyable ride down the trail, checking the fenceline and 
seeing what the cows have been up to in the past few months.
I'm happy to report we didn't find any casualties of winter.

We'll both sleep well tonight...

...and at least one of us will be dreaming of the next ride.


  1. Hello, my name is Wuss, nice to meetcha Wimp ;-)

  2. That last picture looks like George is not happy about Sleeping Beauty encroaching on his resting spot although his ears aren't pinned back.
    Great fun! Nice to get out for a Sunday ride. Glad the weather is improving.
    Best always, Sandra

  3. That nice stable and steady ride Lucy offers sure sounds nice! The older I get, the less I want to deal with getting bucked off, shied off, rubbed off on a tree, or any other life-threatening monkey-business horses come up with. I used to bounce when I was younger but now I just go THUD!

  4. What a perfect ride. Just the thing for starting off the New Year of the right hoof. And those are the best Lucy-pics ever!

  5. Glad you got a ride in this weekend. Lucy is a sweet gal!

  6. Yup, I'm a weather wimp, too! But, like you, the weather was great yesterday, the ground was not. But - I got the trailer out and hauled the boys to an arena - it was a bit sloppy, but not slippery, so we went around a few times. I haven't moved around enough this morning to know how bad it is!
    Good luck. Loved the pictures of Lucy relaxing... was that after? or before?

  7. You aren't a wimp; you're smart. I don't ride in nasty cold weather either. Why be miserable? ...and it's a b**tch getting back in the saddle after a long time off. I feel your pain.

  8. She is sooooo darn cute. Her facial expressions are the best!

  9. Glad you two had one of your fun rides together. Lucy is such a doll. These picture just show her inner cute and cool demeanor.

  10. Sandy from Edgewood, NM1/16/12, 10:26 AM

    Hey Linda.... do you have a waiting list on your will for Lucy? Can I be added? She is a gem and is so darn cute to boot!

    Very nice meeting you at TCS!

    Happy Trails!!!

  11. I can't imagine what it would be like to get up on an equine after 2+ months and not have a rodeo underneath you. How very wonderful!! Love the pictures. Sweet, resting herd.

  12. So adorable! Great pictures! I am sure they all appreciated them as well;)

  13. Who knew Lucy has yellow belly spots? I swear she's smiling in that second last photo.

  14. Oh, that Lucy is so adorable! Great pictures. I bet Lucy enjoyed the ride just as much as you did!

  15. What a wonderful series of pictures to tell this lovely story. :-)
    Maybe you got to take a nap, too, after your ride? :-)