Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's tough being the only girl in the herd

As usual, George and Alan's recent play session spiraled downward into a leg-pulling competition.

Alan seemed to have the upper hand femur this time.

Lucy: Oh, for cryin' out loud. It's not bad enough that it's snowing again. 
Now I'll have to get up from my nap and break up those two knuckleheads before they hurt themselves.

George finally managed to extricate his leg from Alan's mouth, 
which set off another round of here-we-go-'round-the-juniper-bush.

Only this time, Lucy was right in the thick of things.

But not for long. She knows when it's time to be gone or be run over.

Lucy: I can't get a moment's peace around here. Hrrmph. 
I'm going to the tree cave. They wouldn't dare run me over in there.

Lucy: OK, maybe I was wrong.

Lucy: You, too, Hank?! Grow up! A few flakes of snow is not sufficient reason
to run around and act stupid.

Lucy: I've had it with all of you. It's like living in a frat house.
I'm going back to the barn until spring or when the snow stops, whichever comes first.


  1. More fun than a barrel o' monkeys (sorry, Lucy). Can you send me some of that snow?

  2. Lucy is so smart! More snow???

  3. Estella from Co.1/11/12, 8:42 AM

    NEVER a dull moment around the 7MSN. Life is good for all your critters. Hugs to all

  4. Carol in Colorado1/11/12, 8:43 AM

    It is sure fun to watch the animals get frisky with weather changes. Poor Lucy! She just wants peace and quiet. It probably is like living in a frat house at times. Love the captions.

    We got a dusting of snow this morning. Wyoming can have it back.

  5. Dear Lucy,

    I understand.


    Gracie Belle

  6. I am in awe that you can 'catch' them playing. Whenever I go out to get pictures of my horses they stop and come to see what I have for them.

  7. Poor Lucy - I think you better send her to me, no frat boys living here!
    Great captions, and love seeing the boys at play.

  8. Nice story and the snow falling is a pretty touch.

  9. Oh yes. In a house of Hubby and two sons, I FEEL FOR LUCY. :) But ... I also wouldn't trade it!