Monday, January 30, 2012

Hank's way or the highway

Hank: Alan, George, Lucy. Barn. Now.

Alan: Hurry up, you guys. Hanks says it's time to go home for lunch.

George: Since when do we listen to a thing he says?

Alan: Be nice. If we boost his ego, 
maybe he'll be so full of himself he won't eat all our hay.

Lucy: Shortstuff is smarter than he looks.

Hank: I'm waiting.

Hank: You think I can't see you back there conspiring.

Lucy: George, now is not the time to roll!

Hank: I'm still waiting.

 Lucy: We'll be right there, Hank!

George: La-la-la-la-la. 

Hank: Excuse me, mom, but you're in my way.

Me: You've got that backwards, Hank. I was here first. 
Your bullying tactics don't work with me.

Hank: Yes, ma'am.

Lucy: Uh-oh. George and Alan cut to the front of the line. This is gonna get ugly.

Hank: Over. Now.

Hank: Nobody cuts in front of me. 
Me: *clears throat*
Hank: Well, except for mom, but only because she feeds me.

Hank: I'm in charge here and you would do well to remember that.

Hank: Eat my dust.


  1. He's definitely the boss... at least in his own mind he is.

  2. Estella from Co.1/30/12, 5:56 AM

    Good Morning, Enjoy seeing the interaction amongst the herd. Wow, you have dust, can't do a thing with all the mud around here. Not complaining as our time will come all too soon. As usual enjoy the pictures and comments. Hugs

  3. The "conspiring" shot is hysterical!
    And I'm so glad that everyone (more or less) got with Hank's plan. I've seen what happens when they pay him no mind...

  4. All that herd control with only a flick of the ear and a glare of the eye. Well done, Hank!

  5. Poor Hank, he gets no respect, no respect at all.

  6. I've been marveling at how white Hank's whites are. Does his super hero coat tolerate no dirt? Teflon coating perhaps?

  7. Love the herd dynamics. I always get a kick out of the goat paths our equines make...

  8. I am so glad you speak their language as we would miss out on all of this! :)

  9. When I look at some of your photos all I can visualize are the contortions you must get yourself into to capture these amazing shots ! ( i.e. shooting between Hanks legs :) )