Monday, January 9, 2012

The calm before the storm

Sunday morning dawned all nice and pretty, but a snowstorm was predicted for later in the day so Smooch and I 
headed out early for a really long walk. One of these days it's going to be warm enough to ride Lucy again *sigh*.

By the time we got home, the temperature had dipped even further below 30
and Hank and the herd were tucked against the trees out of the wind.

Cold, cloudy days are good for something: the light.

My models were most cooperative as I continued to practice with the new camera. 
I'm using all the same lenses that I used before – the only "new" part is the camera body. 
And the rockin' new strap, but that's a subject for a whole other post. 
All of these pictures were taken with a 50mm lens.

I use a zoom lens most of the time; using a prime or fixed lens is a little more work – 
I have to go to my subjects instead of zooming the lens to get close to them. 
My latest theory is that shooting with a fixed lens burns more calories, and that's always a good thing.

Anyway, Lucy and the boys and I were all mellow and chilling out – figuratively and literally. 
My shutter-pressing finger was one degree away from frostbite, so I was about to head back to the house.

Then George and Alan exchanged looks and all hell broke loose. 
And I took enough pictures to last the whole week! See you tomorrow.


  1. Stay warm, there, girlie, and send every bit of precip our way, please.

  2. I think I am enjoying yer new camera eh!! It is like spring up here in Alberta......go figure.

  3. Love that picture of George growing out of the shrubbery, and, as usual, Alan has the most expressive nostrils!

  4. Carson, glad you won't have to go outside for the rest of the week! Yes, I just heard about your storm on the morning news. Stay warm!

  5. I think it's interesting on we who live in New Mexico are always fixating on the weather and seasons. I know I do. Most New Mexicans are in rural areas and even in the cities, we are outside and the big skies and vistas seem to dominate our thoughts and conversations. The seasonal changes are so welcome after all the sameness and gray skies I had in San Diego. It's like I have become more alive in this place, more in touch with my surroundings, like the animals who live outside, we are affected by it's mosaic daily.

  6. Well, if that last photo doesn't tell a story, I don't know what does! Looking forward to seeing the rest.

    So how are you liking your D7000? I just picked one up on Friday and am slowly working through the bells and whistles. I'm starting to think my D70s never worked right to begin with. Either that or the D7000 is just freakin' awesome.

  7. Estella from Co.1/9/12, 6:58 AM

    What can I say I JUST LOVE your pictures....I don't care WHAT your subject is they are (pictures) outstanding in my eyes. The expressions, the details, even the emotions can be seen in your pictures...AGAIN, thank you for sharing. Hugs to the kids

  8. I think the boys knew you were headed inside---good attention, bad attention, it's all attention. :)
    I hope your weather doesn't hang around so long this time.

  9. Oh Lord - not having burro's I have no idea what kind of look that is passing between the boys....Can't wait to find out. Keep the fire going!

  10. I have a 50mm lens and I love the photos it gives me, but yes.... it requires footwork to get close to the subject when using a fixed lens. Can't wait to see the lens strap you got!

  11. Love the Alan nostrils as always, and the lips on the last picture. Your camera is awesome.

  12. yeehaw! do we need to cue the hillbilly music again?

  13. I love that third picture, of Alan peering out at you.
    Can't wait to see what the last photo is a prelude to.

  14. Where are you getting your storms? They're not coming from our direction (California) where it has been bone dry and sunny since Thanksgiving, and the animals and plants have been tricked into thinking it's spring already.

  15. George looks quite mischievous peering at you through the shrubbery.
    Definitely has "who me?" lips.

  16. Well growing up in Minnesota we rode our horses outside all winter. Long underware, wool, and ski gear or a snowmobile suit works great. I even had a pair of western sturrips to exchange on my English saddle so my Sorrells would fit. If its not windy, we would ride to zero. Mostly walking as it wasnt good to get the horses sweaty as we didnt do the clip, blanket, in at night routine, those were the days where my pinto looked like a wooly bear catapiller. We all enjoyed the change of scene, Lucy might too. Head to tractor supply and see what insulated type overalls they have, great for riding or working outside. Cowgirl up Carson!

  17. Great pictures. I always love seeing what ranch life is like day-to-day. I liked the branches framing George in that third picture. I could see cropping to an oval that would look really nice. I noticed both George and Alan's upper lip stuck out in the last picture -- guess that's a sign of hijinks to come!

  18. It LOOKS cold out there. Brr! Lovely view though.

  19. Brrr....we've had unseasonably warm & dry weather, according to our neighbours. I'd like snow, but not until after our trip.

    Alan has the funniest expressions!

    I notice that Mr. P is included among the 7MSN mugshots on your header. Does that mean he's a permanent fixer at the ranch?

    He sure is a cutie.

  20. Love the picture of George looking straight into the camera!