Monday, November 28, 2011

A lesson to be learned

It was Saturday, late afternoon. I had just spent several hours piecing together a music video of a pigeon 
I had known for only a week and needed a break, so I went out to the barn. 
Yes, I was secretly hoping Amelia would have magically returned and was fully prepared to scrap the whole video if she had.

We were all in a funk. I climbed around the rafters just in case
a pigeon might have gone unnoticed in one of the corners. No such luck. 

Me: Hank, even caked with mud you're handsome. 
I'm sorry I didn't brush you today.

Me: What's everybody looking at? Is she back?

Me: Damn. Just a bunch of cows. *sigh*

The last time I posted about cows, June commented: So . . . let me get this straight. All these cows just wander all over the place and then somebody eventually goes out and rounds them up when it's time for . . . whatever?

That's about the gist of it. The rancher I bought this land from still runs his cows up here. They're registered black angus. He sells off a bunch every year and they end up on a steak-house menu. Hence we've disciplined ourselves to not get attached to them. There's a lesson to be learned there.


  1. Thanks for that answer, Carson, but....

    Steak house menu????
    Not the BABY!
    Not that little baby underneath his mama's neck there on the right side of the picture! We can get attached to HIM, can't we????

  2. I LOVE the way you think, Carson!

  3. Estella from Co.11/28/11, 6:12 AM

    A long time ago I would allow myself to get attached to the special needs calf here and there that we would have to deal with, BUT I soon learned that they grow up and can stomp and run over you just as well as the rest of the cows. You quickly learn that lesson NOT to get attached and SOMETIMES look forward to having them on a plate in front of you. GET BACK TIME Hugs to all

  4. Carson- Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My horses look like Hank right now too!

  5. It is always nice to have company for the holidays. I'm sad that Amelia left and hope that she made it home in due course.

  6. Can relate to this. We are such softies when it comes to animals. Neighbor mentioned butchering the hens when they get old and stop laying. My hen, Harper Lee, boards in their coop. Will have to set up an old hen coop here if it comes to that.

  7. Carol in Colorado11/28/11, 2:25 PM

    Can you imagine how the kids in 4 H or the FAA feel when the animals they have raised, get auctioned off for harvesting? My dgd was really sad when Strawberry, her pig, went to the packing house after fair. You get attached but you know the animal is raised for food to feed the masses.

    I was hoping Amelia would stick around for awhile. I hope she made it home.

  8. Maybe Amelia will show up at Morning Bray... wouldn't that be cool?