Monday, November 7, 2011

Lucy puts the cows in their place

Cow: Hey, neighbor. What'cha doin'? 

Lucy: Taking a dirt bath. What does it look like I'm doing?

Cow: Having a seizure?

Cow: Run for your life, Junior. I think Lady Longears took offense.

Cow: Faster! She's coming after us!

Lucy: Get over yourselves. You're so not worth my time.

Lucy: Make yourselves useful and go pester some porcupines.


  1. Lucy has a huge job to do, keeping those cows AND her own animals all in line!

    So . . . let me get this straight. All these cows just wander all over the place and then somebody eventually goes out and rounds them up when it's time for . . . whatever?

  2. Definitely funny!
    ps: I'm glad the little porky got away.
    Best always, Sandra

  3. tsk tsk tsk tsk, those bovines need to learn some manners eh Lucy!

  4. Does she always get up that way, with her front knees on the ground and her hoofies crossed? I'd assume she'd rise like a horse does, putting forelegs out in front and giving a great heave.

  5. Estella from Co.11/7/11, 6:44 AM

    Way to go Lucy...boy, she looks good, Linda Hugs to them all

  6. A lady can't even take a bath in private...sheesh!

  7. Lucy, you are SO the boss of all those cows! :-)

  8. LOL

    Its interesting to see that donkeys get up like cows, butt first. Horses stand up head first.


  9. And I though Nuzz had pesky peeping toms...