Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jealousy rears its head...again

Lucy: What do you think you're doing over there, mom?

Me: Taking pictures of Wynonna in this beautiful morning light.

Wynonna: The glare off this fence is obnoxious. When are the painters coming? 
I specifically requested pink, remember?

Lucy: This is two days in a row that I have not been the center of your attention. Don't think it's gone unnoticed.

Me: Lucy, there's one of me and 13 of you. Well not you, but "you" in the collective sense. I have to spread my love around.

Lucy: I understand. Just remember that I always get the first and biggest serving.

Me: Yes, ma'am.

Lucy: And I also get second helpings whenever they're available.

Me: I got it. Now will you turn around and face me so I can take a proper portrait?

Lucy: Besides, I'm way prettier than that pig.
 See if you can capture my sultry look – the pouty lip, the bedroom eyes...

Me: Enough! This ranch has officially exceeded its quota for divas.


  1. Lucy does have a certain Betty Bacall aura, doesn't she?

  2. Around here they are all divas. Every single one of them.

    Love the light in that third photo, not to mention the look.

  3. Silly girl. Doesn't she realize she gets you all to herself on your rides together. Only Smooch gets more "just me and mom" time.

  4. That last photo of Lucy is "pin up" worthy eh!
    pssst, just between us girls I think Wynonna is suffering from PMS.....;D

  5. That Lucy is a diva as well as she should be, she's ONE SPECIAL donkey, of course, they all are special on their own right. Hugs to them all

  6. Gorgeous Miss Lucy strikes a pose!

  7. That blue sky! I can't wait to get out that way and see it for myself.. Lucy is looking fine, as always.

  8. That is one of your best photos ever!

  9. Calendar shot, that last one. Well, you might have to do an only Lucy calendar, if it were up to her!

  10. Lucy definitely deserves your full attention. That last photo is awesome! For the new calendar perhaps? :)

  11. As hand maiden in Diva central over here, I feel your pain.