Monday, October 24, 2011

Driving Miss Smooch

Lucy: Well look who just pulled in. Thinks she's hot stuff, sittin' in the front seat next to mom. Hrmph.

George: Doesn't seem fair. Mom never lets us ride in the front seat.

Alan: I know I'm not supposed to like dogs, but you really aren't too bad, Smooch. 
Don't tell anybody I said that. It would ruin my reputation.

Smooch: Yikes. The big guy is bigger than I thought.

Smooch: Maybe he'll go away if I don't make eye contact.

Smooch: Ok, that's not working...

Smooch: Shouldn't you guys be grazing or something?
You're starting to make me a little nervous here.

It's taken me long enough, but I've finally figured out a safe and drama-free way 
for Smooch and the boys and Lucy and I to all hang out together.

I strap Smooch into her seatbelt in the Ranger, then we drive out into the pasture and everybody gathers 'round. 
Smooch can't get stepped on or kicked, and I can sit back and watch.

Notice whose ears have been pinned for the last three pictures?
Um-hmm. Somebody's more than a little bit jealous.


  1. smooch seems a little unsettled in the first few pictures, but seems to relax later on. Lucy, on the other hand, does have those big, lovely ears laid w-a-y back ... think she's not liking this 'introduction' at all.

  2. I had forgotten that I heard that donkeys are great defenders against coyotes. I suppose Smooch would = coyote in their book, huh? Except for Alan. Or maybe because Alan never thought to see a coyote in the seat of a vehicle.
    Lucy seems as if she's a little closer to her instincts than are the boyz.

  3. The equines certainly circled right around Smooch! I bet she was a tad bit nervous with being belted in and no way to escape.

  4. Wow, I didn't realize Hank was so much bigger than Alan, Lucy, and George!

  5. Smooch does look a bit concerned. :-)

  6. That's because she LOVES YOU :) Always enjoy your pictures and this morning seeing Smooch with the big kids put a smile on my face. Hugs to all

  7. Hopefully Smooch will come to enjoy these outings, looks like it's going to take practice. Lucy is hysterical, but don't tell her I said that! Alan's such a gentle soul (when he's not brewing up mischief! )

  8. Jenny in MN now in AZ10/24/11, 6:50 AM

    Cute serious of photos!

  9. 'Smooch' is a great name. My dog's name is 'Cooper' but he could easily be called 'Snuggle'.

  10. Poor Smooch looks like a minnow on a hook.

    Did your coffee cup make it through unscathed? My equines knock over every drink container in reach, even putting their heads in through the truck window to get to them.


  11. Lucy's ears speak volumes. (Can ears speak?)
    Poor Smooch! Rather daunting to be surrounded by all those inquisitive noses.

  12. This is probably one of my favorite posts of all time. I absolutely love it.

  13. Smooch: watch out for Hank. He mistakes people for ice cream cones.

    Lucy: Don't worry. Your Mom has plenty of love for all of the family!!!

  14. Your wonderful little donkeys are so much politer than one of my horses, Dusty. He is notorious for tearing seatcovers. He ripped the seat off our tractor twice, the second time we knew he might do it and had our eye on him. You have to leave the windows up on a truck, or he'll reach through and decimate the seats. He is very mechanically inclined, he can remove windshield wipers and take the wiring off your trailer. He's only 16, still a curious young thing. I've seen what your two boys can do with farm implements, I bet you don't leave that vehicle out with them for long.

  15. Love these shots. Smooch is just not quite comfortable in the equine zone yet, but a few more visits and she'll be just fine.
    Best always,

  16. This is a great post (not that your others aren't, either, but it's nice to see almost everyone together!) And, it reminds me of my latest quest - to get my small dog a suitable in-the-car-seat harness. Where did you get yours? Thanks in advance, Valerie.

  17. Valerie, I found the harness at Drs Foster and Smith - here's the link

  18. Thanks!