Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Carnival games

Alan: Step right up, little lady. Three chances for a dollar a flake of hay. 
Toss that ring on top of one of these cones and you win our prize.

Alan: Missed it by a mile. Give it another try.

Me: This wouldn't be so difficult if I wasn't taking pictures.

Alan: Save your excuses for the next guy. Fermez la bouche and toss.

Me: Look out! It's going to hit you in the head!

Alan: Fat chance.

Alan: Let me move these a little closer. 
I'd hate to miss out on dinner on account of you being a sore loser.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the midway, 
George was playing "push what's left of a cone off the feed tub."

And he won.


  1. Well, sure George won. It's easy to win if you're the one who made up the game!

  2. I think I see Smooch doing her morning chase in the background. Animals are so much fun.
    Best always,

  3. That is a great one. By the time you get through with the story, everyone can plainly see it. Of course it is a Midway game.

  4. They're such characters. I think he should have given you a few free chances at winning since you were handicapped with carrying a camera.

  5. When did you enroll them in French classes? Notice they are quite fluent.

  6. I love Alan's current fling with Francais! Very cultured!

  7. I love being able to share in yall's play time!

  8. Isn't this fun? Who knew so many years ago, when you were in corporate America, that you would be playing carnival games with donkeys in 2011? LOL!

  9. Your boy's antics are brightening a very dark, damp day in England right about now. Give them an extra carrot from me xx

  10. Such focus! Atta boy, George. Don't let those carnies keep all the prizes.


  11. I didn't realize Alan was bilingual! Très bon!!

  12. I never really took notice of the great games to be played with cones...gonna go out and get my young ones a few. Love the story!

  13. Ah ha ha ha! Love this post!! I would SO come to George and Alan's carnival in a heartbeat!!!