Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Overheard yesterday in the barn

Me: Eighty acres and a great big barn and you all have to crowd into one stall?

Hank: Sometimes we just feel the need to be together.

George: You know how it is, mom. 

Me: Yeah, I know. Why do you think I came out here to join you?

Alan: Life is short.

Lucy: And so are you.

Alan: Shut up, Lucy.

George: We can never take anything for granted.

Me: So true...*sigh*

Alan: Who farted?

Hank: I'd better get out of here before they figure out it was me.


  1. Your last caption reminded me of that hilarious horse race where the announcer had to follow the race of the horse named "Hoof Hearted".

  2. They were in Lyle's stall. Maybe they were taking a minute to remember and celebrate fallen comrades. What do you mean anthropomorphism?

  3. Around here when they gather in groups, it's usually to combat the flies. Some horse's tail is usually swishing where your's can't reach. Win-win.

  4. Estella from Co.7/19/11, 6:44 AM

    That's a family if I ever saw one...THAT would have never happened with that black mule of mine around, he was just SO jealous of Lucy. AGAIN so happy for you and the HERD. Hugs to them all

  5. It was all about support... we all need it from time to time...

  6. Is your birthday soon? Looks like you interrupted a planning session!

  7. How do you come up with this stuff so early in the morning? :)
    I love it when the whole herd gets together. What a great little family they are!

  8. If you birthday is coming up maybe they were having a meeting and planning a party for you!

  9. How fitting that they were in Lyle's stall. Life is indeed short, but a little humor always helps!

  10. How CUTE!!!and SWEET they all are!

  11. Skippa Little Lyle. He is not forgotten. Not by a long shot. Nor will I forget your courage.

  12. .... yes, that is why you join them! LOL loved it.