Monday, July 18, 2011

A never-ending conversation

When Snapper and Smooch are in the same room and get to talking,
I find myself telling them to be quiet even though they never say a word.

The conversation starts slowly.

They ignore each other's comments at first.

Then one of them hurls a disparaging remark.

The recipient usually doesn't take it personally...

... and they're quick to kiss and make up.

But then the conversation starts all over again.

Sometimes Snapper is the obnoxious loud mouth...

...then other times Smooch comes lurking out of the corner with something to say.

Smooch: You don't see me with my mouth wide open and baring my teeth.
I'm capable of conducting a civil conversation.

Snapper: I'm smaller than you so I'm allowed to shout!

Smooch: That doesn't mean I have to listen.

Snapper: Wait! Come back! Was it something I said?

Snapper: I don't understand why nobody wants to talk to me.

Me: Might have something to do with those claws.


  1. Yeah, those claws are the deal breakers.

    With the exception of Martha, who is in everybody's business at every moment, our critters pretty much ignore each other.

  2. Ha ha! Great story. Love the captions. Animals are great entertainers.
    Best always, Sandra

  3. This is FANTASTIC!! We have 'conversations' like this in the kitchen floor every morning, between two of our cats as I make their breakfast. I have tried to capture the exchange, and each time have failed miserably. You just gave me the incentive to give it another try.

  4. For Pete's sake, they have the same taste in socks! You'd think that would count for something.

  5. I am very impressed you could lay down on the floor to evesdrop on their conversation ;-)

  6. Thanks for providing relief at this time...

  7. My cat, Abby, is half Oriental shorthair and she has an opinion about EVERYTHING!

  8. So funny, Linda!~
    My poor dogs were trained not to eat Hobbes when he was a tiny kitty. Now that he's a big cat, they wish I'd lift the rule. He bosses them around with the same brazenness of Snapper. Sometimes he's their best friend, other times he's attacking them with no provocation.

  9. We have two English bulldogs that do the same thing with each other. We call it the voodoo s**t. Next thing you know everyone is licking ears and happy.

  10. Snapper's a teddy bear underneath all the fuss & bother. I have a feeling Smooch knows this and just helps her keep her reputation in tact. Diplomacy at its best.

  11. Cats are sweet and sour, hot and cold personalities, you never know what the next moment will bring. I love them.. I really like the "lurking" photo. LOL

  12. Yep, throwing out attitude can drive 'em away! Funny!

  13. if i were to guess, i'd say your cat loves that dog.

    and who needs their own profiles on your 7msn member list?! why are the chickens there but not the kitties?

  14. I understand Snapper! My Emma is very vocal with just me to talk to. She sometimes punctuates her conversation with claws on my arms as I'm sitting at the computer, to make sure I'm listening to her! Ouch!

    Nancy in Iowa

  15. I remember reading in Temple Grandin's book that rolling over is considered "self-handicapping" and it's one of the big "invitations to play" Smooch better uncross her Snapper wires! I think it's hilarious to watch my heeler and my cats interact--often she'll look really disturbed when one of the cats comes over and starts rubbing on her in an attempt to be friendly. I can all but hear her voice in my head..."I TOLD you, I don't SPEAK cat, remember?"

  16. Snapper is finally submissive at the end. Smooch was rather diplomatic through it all. Thanks girls for making my evening!

  17. Snappers probably just a little ticked off because her pic isn't on your banner! She's telling Smooch all about it! hehe Bravo to YOU in taking all these wonderful pics!

  18. Cat's have got to rule. That's just the way it is. Snapper, don't tolerate any backtalk from Smooch!

    And I like Clairz's comment : )