Friday, June 3, 2011

The green-eyed monster rears his head

It was a typically gorgeous New Mexico morning. The sky was clear and brilliant blue, 
the wind hadn't started to blow, and George and Alan were in rare form.
Alan: I'm gonna get you for that.

George: You've made your point.

Alan: And I'll keep on making it until Mom gets the shot she wants. Now hold still.

Hank: Does it always have to be about them? 

Hank: Mom, I'd like a word with you private.
Me: Hang on, Hank. I'm getting some good stuff here. Their fans will love it.

And with that, Hank left my side and stomped over to where George and Alan were posing.

He pinned his ears, turned his butt toward the objects of my attention and proceeded to back up.

I'm not making this up. He kept backing up until he hit them.

Hank: How do you like me now? 
I'll show you who should be on center stage!

Me: Hank, could you move a little to your right please?

Hank: Hrrmph. I showed them... trying to hog the spotlight all the time...


Do you ever read Richard Beal's cowboy lifestyle blog? Might want to check it out today. He wrote about the 7MSN! Here's the link.


  1. Dear Hank, I am send you a cyber scratching k................^-^........... between your ears ;-)

  2. Poor Hank... *sigh*

    Maybe a snack would help.


  3. What a stinker! I can't believe he backed up into George and Alan... but, you did get great pictures of them. My favorite is the third one down.

  4. I was just thinking last night about how jealousy is an animal instinct. tell Hank that I think he's Cary Grant compared to Abbott and Costello over there. Such a handsome guy!

  5. But even after he backs into them, the yahoo's just keep on giving you great material! LOL...

  6. awesome ... just awesome.

  7. Oh Hank, you handsome devil...

  8. Estella in Co.6/3/11, 6:57 AM

    Hank, When he wants to be in the picture, he WANTS TO BE IN THE PICTURE. the little girl in Willie Wonka. Have a good one

  9. Can't believe he actually did that! What a character. And Lucy is just ignoring everybody!

    Sue E. from NY

  10. The boys all want to be the center of attention...meanwhile Miss Lucy lays low in the background. Gotta love it!

  11. Silly Hank. Nice write up at Richard Beal's.

  12. I think Hank must have been reading my blog, and taking lessons from Beamer about hamming it up for the camera. I think he got his point across, but you just can't stop long-eared cuteness!

  13. That is hilarious. Hank really is trying to get your attention, lol.
    Loved Beal's blog too, very cool!
    I subscribed to it!

  14. What did YOU say to Hank?!!! LOL Your gang should be in a reality show!! Phew! How I LOVE coming over here to 7msn Ranch!! HAPPY week-end everyone!

  15. That is so funny! and so typical pets! Poor Hank, what can we do to make your days happy?

  16. Oh boy, life never dull at the 7msn. What a bunch of characters, how fun! Great pics and cations, great way to start my day!