Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weighing In with Wynonna ~ week three

Week three of the 7MSN 12-week fitness challenge has come to an end. Let's check in with Wynonna to see if she has any words of wisdom to keep us all motivated as we move onward.

Me: Excuse me, Wynonna? Could you stop eating for a second? Your adoring public awaits your sage advice.
Wynonna: nom-nom-nom-nom-nom

I think she said "eat your vegetables."

For me, getting started with this challenge was the hard part; sticking to it is getting easier as the weeks go by. Here is what I have learned so far:

1. Living in the middle of nowhere is a serious advantage when trying to eat better and drop a few pounds – Domino's doesn't deliver.
2. My willpower only has to last as long as I'm in the grocery store, then I'm good for the rest of the week. If I don't buy it, I can't eat it. 
3. I am a total creature of habit, and my newest habit is turning on a workout DVD after the evening news.
4. Seeing results is a huge motivator. Being able to put on my tightest jeans straight from the dryer and having them feel loose is just plain great. Makes me want to dig to the bottom of my jeans drawer, find that smaller size that's been buried since 2005, and keep on working to fit into them.

So what's keeping you motivated? Any self-discoveries that you can share to keep us going for another week? Do tell.


  1. I've got 8-10 lbs I put on over the holidays that are going nowhere fast. Being home for 4 days because of the weather has not helped. I keep a spreadsheet food log which helps. I just need to get back in the habit of using it.

    Story of my life, I'm afraid.

  2. Yep,,,I think you err I mean Wynonna hit the nail on the head. DONOT buy junk food. when you go and buy gas, pay at the pump so you donot have to go inside the station and see all those lovely chocolate bars at such a good yummy price eh!! when I have to run the roads and do some errands I always carry my home made snacks with me, and donot forget to bring water. the BIGGEST reward for me is fitting into my size small bra!!!\
    Theresa in Alberta

  3. NOW, I can relate to this whole diet told me that was one reason I was going to NM (to an exclusive Fat Farm for well to do donkeys). I'm one of THOSE donkeys that just looks at food and developes saddles bags (you people call them love handles..such a strange expression). I'm so very glad to hear I will have company while on my diet, Wyonna and mom YIPEEE OH! who do I hear coming... MOM with breakfast (looks like ONLY a flake this morning) :(

  4. We've been buying a box of produce once a week from a local organic farm. It's a challenge for the two of us to get through everything before picking up the next box, so there isn't much time or space to mess around with cookies and such. My lunch plate yesterday had six kinds of vegetables on it--SIX--lettuce, tomatoes, beets, beet greens, avocados, and radishes!!! And supper was three more kinds--cauliflower, more beet greens, and some delicious grape tomatoes.

  5. Leah, recording intake on a spreadsheet truly does wonders. I keep my own worksheet and there is no way I will eat something I shouldn't because I can't stand to write it down. Maybe you can keep your spreadsheet open on your computer...even if it's blank for now. One day you'll feel like filling it in, then the next thing you know it will be a habit.

    Theresa, paying at the pump and traveling with homemade snacks sure removes some devilish temptations. I keep a large supply of chewing gum in the truck now.

    Lucy, you and I are going to get so much exercise, our friends won't recognize us come summer!

  6. Wow, Clairz - I'd kill for a weekly box of produce like that...even if I ended up giving half of it to Wynonna and the chickens. Imagine the soups that could be made near the end of the week! I'm going to have to see if there are any local farms up here offering this.

  7. I've turned into a huge chubby bubby girl this winter. Almost decided to toss out all my skinny girl jeans but perhaps as spring reappears I will get off my Wynonna tushie and skinny down.


  8. I am also a gum lover ... I've found that popping a stick of gum will satisfy a craving and for me it's better then a glass of water that some folks recommend. I am a big water drinker, but too much almost makes me sick and feel like the Titanic!

  9. Results are the bomb. Jeans are not baggy out of the dryer yet, but not tight anymore either. Treadmill speed has climbed up a few more tenths.

    Boiled eggs in the fridge are a good go to when I do not have a clue what I want to eat. I keep a bag of almonds on hand for healthy snacking too.

    I am not the creative cook in the household,but I am the greens fan and do much of the shopping.

    Love your progress,

  10. Although I am sorta in the middle of nowhere - closest store with anything to eat is a gas station about 6 miles away. Groceries are 15 miles. My problem is that I live with someone else and HE likes snacks and junk and, and....
    But, I've stuck to the WW tracker (online) and its been working for me. Like you, I hate to own up to eating anything by writing it down... and I make myself record every bite.
    Congrats - give Wynonna a pat - and a little piece of something yummy as a reward!

  11. I started a sort of diet at the beginning of the year. Tried a combo of Atkins ... low carbs and low calorie. I've only lost five so far.

    I'm in my 50's and my old body has totally lost it's 'lets get thin' mode.

    I try to walk to one of my cd's twice a week.

    I'm not giving up. I am eating more fruit and less carbs. It has to help eventually.

  12. I just get the feeling that Wynonna's heart really isn't in this whole dieting thing!
    You on the other hand are an inspiration.

  13. A food log works for me as well. I try to fill my plate 3/4 full of veggies. I use a small plate instead of dinner plate. And, I wish I could get a basket of produce every week! That would be great motivation - I weigh in every morning. If I go down, I am motivated to eat well that day. It I go up, ...I want junk, junk, junk. Funny how that is.

  14. Pat, I wish I could be a water drinker like you are. The only way I'll drink water is if has passed through coffee beans first.

    KathyB, those jeans will be baggy in no time.

    Dreaming, doing WW online makes so much sense. Glad it's working for you.

    JC, it's so easy to gain weight as we get older that staying even is a victory, and losing five pounds is a bonus. Walking and even small changes in your diet will definitely help in the long run.

    Celeste and Justina, thanks for your support.

    Annette, I struggle with the whole scale thing, too. You want to know, but then if you're disappointed it is discouraging. If I weighed myself when I'm not trying to lose weight as often as I do when I am, I wouldn't be in this pickle in the first place.

  15. you go girl!!! I admire your determination. Thanks for sharing it. It is contagious!

    Theresa EH - I've got a itty bitty titty holder you can have for some motivation :) I just laughed when you mentioned your small bra. One of these days I hope to be getting a bigger bra :) hee hee

  16. You are inspiring me. My hubby works out almost every night, but he intimidates me since he's been doing it forever. Thanks for the inspiration. I am going to start tommorow! Keep at it, sounds like you are doing great.

  17. good for you..... congratulations sticking to it...

    Lucy will thank you...

  18. Rodney Yee is my new exercise DVD boyfriend. His yoga workouts are accessible to beginners and he's easy on the eyes. I'm doing well trying to keep a date with him every morning.

  19. I'm motivated because daughter, Jennifer, is marrying in June and I want to look "OK" in the wedding pics...lets' many months left?