Thursday, July 8, 2010

While George lay sleeping

Were you wondering where Deets was while George and Alan were taking their nap yesterday?
Off chasing lizards, of course.

The "Deets and Larry the Lizard Show" over in the corner momentarily roused the boys from their slumber.

Alas, Larry eventually escaped Deets' grasp.
Dejected, Deets decided to come over to see what I was doing.

Or so I thought.

Meanwhile, Alan woke up and went to see a man about a horse,
but George plopped back over to continue his nap.

The instant I pressed the shutter to take the picture above, I did a double-take.
Was my lens that dirty or did I really see what I thought I saw??
Go ahead, scroll back up and take a close look.

Did you see what I saw?

No? Here's a close-up.


I couldn't bare the thought of George walking around with a dead lizard attached to his belly,
so I gingerly grasped Larry's tail and placed him on the ground.

Larry perked his head right up and announced he was still alive,
though with an obvious puncture wound on his shoulder.

The little rascal started crawling over to George for cover...

...and ran right back under his belly.

Even lizards appreciate the gentle and protective ways of burros...
ok, so maybe he was after a little shade, too.


  1. What a neat story and great pictures of Larry the Lizard to go along with it. Soooo, is the little greenish guy ok then, puncture wound and all?

  2. Thank you so much for the 'nap' series of pictures. (yesterday and today) They are wonderful! LOVE these shots. Poor Larry though.

  3. I was having breakfast... I'm no longer hungry! I've picked up to many pieces of lizards and mice in my life (had cats all my life). I've developped a deep disgust. I think I'll just stick with coffee for now...

  4. Poor Larry was not having a good day.

  5. The pictures of George and Alan yesterday and today remind me so much of contented "dogs"! I love that picture of George, he looks like he is smiling and not the least concerned with the lizard freeloading off of him ;-)
    Theresa in ALberta

  6. I'm sure Larry has seen Deets riding on Alan's butt, so he probably figured the farther away from that end the the better.

    And what a cute belly to hide in, it is!

  7. One wrong move and Lar' would be lizard soup. I wonder if burros know they are harboring a lizard under their belly. These stories are Beatrix Potter good. They all do their natural jobs.
    I met a budgie bird yesterday "Buddie" is his name and when you turn on the radio he dances and sings (squawks) to the music. I wonder if the "Chicks" would like music.
    Best always, Sandra

  8. Larry's not long for this world, but what better place to die than under the protection of a buddy burro.

  9. Lordy,Lordy Carson - what your eyes catch! You're an amazing photographer. Thanks for taking the time to share w/us.

  10. Yeah, I fear Larry is probably not going to make it. That is the only thing that ever bothered me about cats. But they are doing what cats do. What an interesting sequence of events. Larry heading for burro cover, only to be slowly revealed as the cover laid back down..... I wonder what goes through a lizards mind at that point? Maybe "you have got to be kidding me..."

  11. Poor Larry! Doesn't Deets realize he's after a nice fly-eating critter? Maybe he could go chase a packrat instead. LOL

  12. Larry must not have tasted very good or Deets would have finished him off!

  13. I am so addicted to your donkeys and now I go to MBF as well. Both yours and theirs make me smile every day. The boys naptime yesterday and today is so sweet. Larry the lizard, poor dear.

  14. Oh, dear! Poor Larry - just didn't get the big picture!!! And how's the tiny mousie living in the feed pail?

    Nancy in Iowa
    living with a fly-chasing cat

  15. I just found your blog and I love it !!!

  16. Well Larry almost became "Flat Larry". That is why you always carry a camera. You never know what you will find in the craziest places.

  17. Ewwwww! Fascinating and gross at the same time! LOL

  18. What kind of lizard is(was) Larry? He sure is(was) handsome! I hope he made it.

  19. ooooo....purdy lizard. Hope you have some really tiny band-aids on hand.

  20. Wow, that's one tough lizard. He's kinda pretty too. Deets continues to amaze me. In ways I'm not entirely sure I approve of....

    Those burro boys sure do look woozy & snoozy. I'd curl up with them for a nap, too, if it wasn't so dusty.

  21. In the first picture, Deets' shadow looks like he himself is a giant lizard with a flickering tongue.

  22. Beautiful! I really enjoyed this adventure. Great photo of the gorgeous black cat, Deet. The color of the lizard is amazing - I have never seen one like this.

  23. so even when it seems that nothing is going on at the 7 MSN Ranch, at closer look there is always a lot going on!

    too funny about the lizard....he looked like a goner for sure!

  24. I guess that Deets didn't care to save fifteen percent or more on his car insurance.