Friday, July 9, 2010

FAQ Friday, episode 12

Wynonna out-walking a storm, a skull on the fence, snoozing burros, a mortally wounded lizard...another week goes by at the 7MSN ranch. Here's what was on your minds as you watched it unfold...

From Java's Mom:
Could they get any more adorable and fabulous!!?
A. No.

From Pat:
Q. How on earth did you get front pictures/back pictures without disturbing them?
A. All the photos of George and Alan sleeping behind the barn were taken over a span of 90 minutes last Friday morning (and you haven't seen the last of them - I've got one more post to milk out of that set). They must have had a very hard night because they didn't mind me crawling over them, tripping on their legs, and otherwise being a nuisance. They'd raise their heads now and then to look around, then lay back down and sleep some more. I caught the sequence from the front and the back and combined the sets for this post.

From dday:
Q. What kind of lizard is(was) Larry? He sure is(was) handsome! I hope he made it.
A. I'm pretty sure that Larry is a Western Fence Lizard. There's more photos and information about them in this post. I looked for Larry several hours after the photo shoot and did not find him or his remains. One can only hope that he found a restful place to heal from his wounds...or not.

From Wade, C in WI, and Rosanne:
Is there a story behind the skull, or did you find it on a walk one day? I'd love to know why you put your skull up on the fence.
Q. Is this a horse skull? Was it a beloved lucky 7MSN resident at one time, or perhaps a wild horse?
Q. Did you find the skull or buy it?
The skull that hangs near my garden gate is from a cow. I found it along with most of its other bones just east of my driveway. Cattle have grazed here for over a hundred years, so it's pretty common to come across bones. I used to give Smooch the cow femurs to chew on until the vet questioned why her teeth were so worn for a dog her age. Oops. I bring home every bone I find because I think they're neat. Most of my collection has been found while out riding. Whenever Hank or Lyle would complain about me tying bones to the saddle, I would remind them they were lucky we didn't find a dead body. Seriously? If I had a dead body to hide, I'd dump it out here. Nobody would ever find it. Anyway, I've got an entire pile of bones – remind me to show it to you some day. I've found two skulls; one hangs at the gate and the other on the back porch. Nothing says New Mexico like a cow skull hanging on your fence or wall, especially if you found it in your yard.

From Leah:
Did you actually get rain or was it merely Mother Nature posturing?
A. The storm Wynonna was waddling away from left three-tenths of an inch of rain, which is enough to get the grass growing again.

From Gaina:
Q. Do you get many tornadoes?
A. No – I think there are too many mountains in the way for tornadoes to develop here.

From Joy
Q. May I download it [the picture of Wynonna]?
A. I've added this picture to the collection on my "For You" page. You can go there and click on the link for the high-rez version.

From Nancy in NC and Lilla and Pat:
Q. Are you and Justina really getting the freeze brand tatoo?
A. Tomorrow is officially "get a tattoo to match your burro's freeze brand" day.
How's that for a reason to stop by next week?


  1. Oh but I love Friday's ... so many neat questions/answers.

    I can hardly wait to see the tattoo's ... you and Justina must share, no matter where you have them put! LOL

  2. Ooooo Ahhhh. Saturday fun at the tat parlor. Can't wait to see the results.

  3. Ha! Make sure you get that tattoo in a place you don't mind showing the world. We demand photos!

  4. ooo, tatoos! Won't the BLM be proud to have been such an inspiration!

  5. I'm looking forward to THAT post for sure!

    Will it have your birthdate and capture location on it, too?

  6. Omg I love the idea of the tattoo....I myself am for the lookout of the "right" donkey related tattoo.

  7. Yeah - I agree w/everyone! We demand pictures! No matter where it is! Very cool.

  8. You aren't doing a freeze tattoo, are you? Ouch!
    Enjoy your day anyway. :)

  9. Whoopee! Will you take pictures of the process so we can pretend we were there??!! Puweeze?

    Nancy in Iowa

  10. Wow, Carson. With all the demands and requests for photos, I'm really glad I'm not getting my tattoo on my butt.

  11. Has it been really hot there? Looks like George and Alan were pooped out.