Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday encore ~ Dog training in 35 seconds

Soon after I posted this originally in June 2009, I got a new coffee maker, thereby improving my life considerably but eliminating the 35 seconds I spent every day training Smooch to do new tricks. Good dog tricks. Good coffee ... new dog tricks. I still think I made the right call.

35 seconds – the time it takes to microwave my first cup of morning coffee because Mr. Coffee never spits it out hot enough. There's not much I can do in 35 seconds while I wait for my coffee because: a) I'm not very awake yet and b) I'm not very awake yet. But 35 sleepy seconds 7 days a week is enough time to teach Smooch to do stupid pet tricks. We've mastered the basics: shake, crawl, twirl, and hide and seek. Here is our current favorite: the how much do you love me game.

How much do you love me, Smooch?

This much?

This much??

This much???

Wow! That much?

Good girl, Smooch!

But if you really loved me, you'd make the coffee.


  1. I got a kick out of seeing that post again, but then I love seeing Smooch, she's such a pretty girl.

  2. I see you've added Twitter ... yippee!

  3. So, who was the elf that sat above the cupboards taking the photos?

    Did you have your camera on a self timer? A whole bunch of times in a row? Do tell!

  4. I was wondering how you got that shot, too! Tripod & time lapse?

  5. Since I'm new around here, this is a fresh view of your world. Smooch is adorable. If she had opposable thumbs I'll bet she'd take you on!

  6. Smart girl! I'm sure she'd make coffee if she had opposable (sp?) thumbs...

  7. I had the same question as C in WI....just who was snapping your pictures? Now, that's a good trick for those of us who are less adept with photo stuff.
    My hubby just got a camera that will take the shot only when the person smiles...I wonder if it would work with animal 'smiles'!

  8. Sweet, smart Smooch! But I, like many others, am wondering how you taught your camera to shoot over your head like that. :-)

  9. I love that you can see her tail wagging in the first two shots. Singing "an-ti-ci-pa-a-tion".

  10. obviously I have not had enough coffee yet this didn't even occur to me that the shots weren't being taken by you directly :-/

    I don't know, Linda. The extra 35 seconds a day might be worth those adorable tricks!

  11. I would have never thought of "who took the picture". Looks like Smooch is not the only one who knows a few tricks.I watch the tv series "Mantracker" and it just know dawned on me that there had to be a cameraman running along.

  12. Cute!!! I'm sure Deets was manning the camera wasn't he?

  13. Ahhhhhhhhhhh....thank goodness for the coffee maker post last year and the followup when we visited you in July. OUR Bunn High Altitude coffee maker (and filters) were just delivered to our neighbors down the road from us in Corona. When they go for a walk next they said they would drop it by our house for our visit this July. to get water you can drink to put in the new coffee maker! (oh, and good girl Smooch..we love her too!)

  14. Hello!
    I wandered over here from Pets Blogroll and noticed your blog is one of the most popular ones there so I had to see what your blog was all about and now I am your newest follower!
    Great blog! Wonderful pictures! I will be back again and again!
    Since I am a professional pet sitter, I am a dog enthusiast and I immediately scrolled down to the dog blog posts, of course! Smooch is a cute (and very smart girl) to do such a great job with those tricks! I'll have to ask our coonhound, Daisy, how much she loves me and then I'll have to teach her some new tricks!