Friday, June 4, 2010

FAQ Friday, episode 6

Welcome to FAQ Friday, where I will attempt to answer the questions and address the comments you've posed this week, and to explain why in heaven's name Smooch and I hiked up the side of a mountain on a whim.

First things first. Since no post of mine would be complete without a picture or two...

From Breathe:
Frankly, I need more Hank photos. I'm a big Hank fan. Just a suggestion.

Here you go!

While we're on the subject of photography...

From Dreaming:

Q. What software do you use to label your pictures?
From Crystal:
Q. What do you use to edit pictures?
A. I use Photoshop. I love Photoshop. Photoshop is my life. If I could earn a living using Photoshop, I would quit my day job. Judging by the comments left yesterday to my pledge to post some 'before and after' Photoshops next week, it seems like there's more than a passing interest in photo editing...with Photoshop. Be careful what you wish for...

Now about that hike, otherwise known as The View from 10 MNN (and yes, Cheryl, 7MSN does stand for 7 Miles South of Nowhere)...

From Fantastyk Voyager:

Did you actually follow a trail? Which one?
A. Yes - it was called the Pine Shadow trail. Unbeknownst to me at the time, it is listed in the Cibola National Forest guide as "difficult" with an elevation change of 2,565 feet. Good Lord, sometimes I need supervision.

From June and Grey Horse Matters:

You and Smooch must have been tired! Did you roll back down?
Q. How was the trip down? Easier I hope.
A. I've never been much of a rock 'n roll fan. The steep, rocky trail was as hard going down as going up. On the way up, we I gasped for breath and my calves were screaming; on the way down, we I prayed for a soft landing and my quads were screaming. But it was still great fun - seriously!

From Brenda:

Don't you miss being able to do that with a horse?
A. More than I could ever express. I'm experiencing serious riding withdrawals, hence the need to find other activities to fill the gap. My day will come...

From Yogi and June:

Next time take George and Alan.
Q. Take George and Alan. And tow ropes.
A. Oh, how cool it would be to train the boys to be pack burros. Then Deets could come along, too!

From Breathe:

Okay, give it up - what's your trail snack combo?
A. I started out with one baggie of chipotle-cheese-flavored Chex Mix and one baggie of Craisins, but in a moment of genius delirium on the way down, I combined the two. I may have to patent the recipe.

From A New England Life:

Somehow I'd be willing to bet Smooch wasn't as tired as you were. Ha haa! But I'll bet you both slept well that night.
A. Confession time...this hike took way more out of 36-pound Smooch than I would have imagined. It took about 48 hours for her to return to her normal activities (e.g. wanting to go outside 87 times a day). She's no worse for wear, but I think this trail was a little too much for her – and me! I've assured her that she will not have to carry her own water next time.

As for my obsession compulsion addiction habit of posting every day...

Kathy says:
So glad you posted something. Whenever you miss a day we always think the worse. So please even if you have nothing to say at least post one picture so we know all is well at 7MSN ranch.

Carol Lane says:
You deserve to take a day off or two from blogging, just let us know in advance so we won't think the worse.

Thanks to all who have given me a free pass to skip a day! I'd rather post nothing than post a bad picture. But to assuage the fears of the worriers, I think I'll reinstitute the Twitter feed at the bottom of this site. If a day goes by without a post, you can look for a tweet there for assurance that I am alive and kicking. Deal? Deal.


  1. Again, neat questions/answers, especially on your and Smooch's hike. I wondered about many things and now my inquiring mind is happy.

    I like the Twitter feed idea ... although I look forward to reading what's going on at 7MSN every morning, I am sure it's a drag to HAVE TO do it every day, so this will keep me/us all happy.

  2. I hereby give you permission not to blog everyday. And you're allowed to take an extended blog-cation also.

  3. Thanks for the interesting questions and answers. Now, I may have to try that trail mix "recipe." :)

  4. I <3 Hank - thanks for the picture. Good idea on the twitter feed, we do worry.

    Poor Smooch. She needs training hikes.

    And on missing riding, I'm just going to have to drag my horses over there and toss you on one! :)

  5. I love FAQs Friday. Will you teach me how to use Photoshop? Or at least Elements?

    I'm doing a happy dance right now that my super deductive powers led me to guess correctly what 7MSN meant. Woohoo!

  6. Great answers. I did think of something funny. If we didn't hear from you, we would contacting authorities and finding one of your pictures and drawing on that mountain. "She went up here one time, check there."
    Like the Hank pictures which I loved to, I would love to see some of your sunset with the animals sometimes. Just a request.

  7. I'll admit, I'm disappointed with the emphasis on photoshop. Granted, enhanced photos are nice to look at, but there's also a realism that's lost. The pictures you posted (sans Photoshopping) the other day looked great. I don't understand the great need to "fix" something that isn't broken.

  8. Love the tweeter idea.... I do worry about 'cha! Remember when I sent you an email because you hadn't posted??? Poor Smooch...I would have ended up carrying my little Bossman. He's not an outdoor dog...he's actually very spoiled... Have a good weekend.

  9. Seriously great pictures of Hank. I love the light you have out there! I too always worry when the first thing I do is check your blog and don't see a new post. :) Twitter will be a good thing.

  10. All very interesting! I find Photoshop too difficult---I don't understand how to do anything on it and their "tutorials" are like reading Greek, for me. So, I use is simple and suits my needs, I'm happy to say....I look forward to seeing your "Before" and "After" Post, my dear.

  11. Deal. Relax a little for chrissakes. Have a glass or two and punt the computer. (Like I should talk).

  12. Love your "corrections" on the post.
    Glad Smooch has recovered. Nothing worse than getting 1/2 way into something that is harder than you expected and you still have the other 1/2 to complete. But it is validating to find out later that indeed your quest was considered difficult by others. What was that you were saying about the tarantulas....ignorance is bliss!!
    and I also find going down much more difficult. That eccentric muscle control is a beast!

  13. Ahhhh, no deal ? for this burro addicted blog reader. Seriously, it's like crack to get my fix at the end of my day to see what they guys were up too. :)

    Sigh...I'll just have to see what the guys at Morning Bray are doing. ;)

    George & Alan Fan