Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday encore ~ Leapin' Lizard...Smooch Meets her Match

Yesterday, it was 80 degrees and the first official day of Front Porch Season, which of course reminded me of this favorite post from last May.

Smooch found a lizard trespassing on the porch. Every time she thought she had it beat, the darned thing would leap up and scare the heck out of her.

And because I knew someone would ask, what kind of lizard was that?, I did a little googling. I believe this is a Western Fence Lizard, aka Blue Belly Lizard. They eat insects and spiders and are commonly seen sunning on paths and rocks. This behavior makes them vulnerable to predation by snakes and birds and curious dogs. I could find no reference to their propensity to eat daffodils.

p.s. Don't miss the lizard's shadow in the last picture.


  1. Ha ... I remember that post and those pictures of Smooch and her 'playmate'. I bet she looks forward to more coming around to keep her amused!

  2. ha hah, smooooch so cute buddy. amazing pictures. and i love d sunny day out ther. great picz!!

  3. Hey Linda,

    You belong in this group.


  4. OMG, that's a great series, 7MSN!

    I wish the spammers would leave us alone, too. What jerks!

  5. what amazing shots! national geographic should be banging down your door!
    but I have to ask.....did the lizard survive?

    don't mind the extra is worth it to keep wonderful blogs in working order!

  6. Nancy in NC5/8/10, 9:04 AM

    Loved it the first time, loved it again! Great set of shots.

  7. I love the "ole one eye" shots! Funny dog.....

  8. A multi-coloured lizard that jumps and eats daffodils...that's nearly as good as Unicorns! I'm moving to New Mexico. Haha

  9. Ha haa!! That is a crazy lizard! Downright freaky if you ask me! Smooch is much braver than I am.

    Go Smooch!

  10. Oh my goodness - I'll bet that was just hilarious to see in action. What a wonderful photo sequence you shot!

  11. Well that blue bellied leaping lizard definitely-was NOT on the fence about being stared down!