Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Prank in the Pasture ~ Act II (no burros were harmed in the making of these pictures)

When last we saw the burrito brothers,
George was about to take a chunk out of Alan's ear.
Alan decided he'd had enough of George's shenanigans.

Whoa! Easy there, Alan. I was just kidding!

Kidding? You call biting my ear "kidding"?

Yes! Now let go. You're going to leave a bruise.

Seriously? "Pinned ears" is not your best look.

Get over it, buddy! People will start to think you're vicious.

Vicious? Who are you calling vicious?

"Faster than a speeding bullet?" Yes. "Vicious?" No.

Enough already! I will not let you continue to chase me
and have everybody out there think I'm a wuss.
I'll show you...tomorrow!


  1. I'm glad you kept out of their way Carson ... they look REALLY serious about settling this argument! The pictures are priceless and I'm amazed that such buddies would have such a misunderstanding! Whew!

    ... and the saga continues ........

  2. What big ears you have! What big teeth you have! Hysterical. Thanks for the laughs.
    Best always, Sandra

  3. Wow, they really got down and snarky! I'm willing to bet that today they'll be BFF and ready to share again.

  4. GREAT pictures! Alan sans ears is too funny.

  5. Love the pics! These two are quite the jesters. I love the way Hank completely ignores them.

  6. Whew! Poor George. But yesterday I was saying poor Alan, so there ya go! Love it and tomorrow they'll be kissing.....

  7. In today's episode Alan clearly had the upper hoof! "Don't mess with Alan!" Can't wait to see what George does to retaliate.

  8. Oh goodness!! Such great pictures. I'm sure that they work it all out in the end.

    I hope so, at least.

    This is like when my two cats have a fur flying dust up and then are cuddled up together on the couch ten minutes later... nerve wracking, but all you can do is stay out of the way.

  9. Ooooo paybacks can be a bitch! hehehe Is it tomorrow yet?

  10. C'mon guys....can ya just be friends? (Of course I know this IS what friends do, torment each other!)

  11. Yup---that was me on Bossy's site.
    It's always great to be the only guy in a group of bloggers---just sit there and listen!!!!!!

  12. Love the pics on your site. I've always wanted a burro. We have cattle, and they keep us busy. We worked them over the weekend, and then hauled them to the summer pasture.

  13. Well, I guess even the best of buddies get on each others' nerves now and then. I notice Hank is entirely unimpressed with their nonsense.

  14. I need to take more time to just hang out with my herd to get the shots you get...very nice as usual! The two of them are like left and right hands...one can't be without the other!

  15. Love how Hank is just minding his own sweet business and drinking his water....knowing they'll get over it sooner than later. Isn't that the best parenting....let them work it out for themselves??

    I can honestly say I have never seen an equine have such pinned back ears. Alan almost looks like a cow in one of the pics....but don't tell him I said that....his bite looks pretty rough adn I don't want to be the one to tick him off!!

  16. I got interupted by a phone call and I'm not sure I left a comment on this post...If I did alrwady--Forgive me.
    They really are adorable together....They play hard and have such a great time together. And they are so funny, too.
    These are GREAT GREAT Pictures!

  17. And here I always thought it was George picks on "poor l'il Alan"

  18. Earless Alan had me laughing! Great post and captions.