Monday, May 3, 2010

A Prank in the Pasture ~ Act I

Sunday morning with the boys – it's my favorite part of the weekend. No chores to do, no errands to run, no trips to Walmart on the horizon – just me, my pals, and my camera.

But something wasn't quite right when I walked out to join everybody yesterday. Hank and George were outside the corral, and Alan was inside.

Somebody had pushed the gate closed, and judging by which way the gate swings, it didn't take a CSI team to figure out it was George.

Why Alan didn't just push it the other direction to get out remains to be seen. I opened the gate, and all was right with the world. Alan was greatly relieved to be reunited with his best buddy, albeit a little ticked off. He proceeded directly to his jollyball and picked it up, inviting George to play.

George obliged, of course...

...then Alan took the game back out the gate.

Hank suspected something was brewing and hurried his little buddies into some wide open space.

A little jostling ensued...

...then George took the game a little too far and went for Alan's ear.

Having already fallen victim to one of George's pranks this morning, Alan had reached the end of his rope. He dropped the ball, then all hell broke loose.

Join us tomorrow for Act II.


  1. Is it tomorrow yet!?!?! I can hardly wait!

    These guys are so entertaining, yet I was surprised that they might tear into each other. I'm assuming that by the time it got to the " ... then all hell broke loose" part, Hank was no where to be seen.

  2. Looking forward to scene 1 Act 2.
    Best always,

  3. Can't wait to hear about the fireworks in part two! (You have such cute kids.)

  4. Maybe it was George's payback for the stick episode from the other day.
    Your boys are so cute.

  5. I love this series of shots... again, great photos. I hope they didn't hurt each other!

  6. It's greening up quite nicely out there. Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. Love the third picture of Alan with the jollyball.

  7. Adorable! ...someone always has to play too rough. haha

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  8. You always make me come back for more! Can't wait for the next part.

  9. uh oh...those 'little' nips hurt. A lot. Poor Alan. I'm sure they'll have things patched up again in no time.

  10. I NEVER get bored of your posts and stories. Awesome photos, I'm cringing at the one with the teeth about to make contact with the ear. Uh Oh.

  11. The suspense is killing me! Where is Referee Deets when we need him?

    Nancy in Iowa

  12. oh man I cant wait for tommorow, they are too cute!

  13. Thought of you immediately when I saw this graphic. Thought you and your readers would appreciate JSIM's freebie graphic. Yee Haw. Cowgirl up is a cutie, check it out.

  14. The NeverEnding Story, huh?

  15. Looking forward to part 2! Those buggers can really play rough.

  16. *LOVE* your new banner photo - it almost makes me swoon!
    Ear biting, huh? We've got ear biting here, too, and it's not pretty. In fact, it's ugly. I'm about to ask for help.

  17. Oh!! I can't wait till my husband comes home at 11:45pm- to show him your adorable header! And Act 1!
    Loved it...but going for the long too far!

  18. I had to come back to Part One--though I must admit I peeked at Part 2....I just love your dear dear boys. They have so much personality and they seem to have such a great time together....!
    WONDERFUL Pictures, my dear.