Monday, July 13, 2009

Hank and Lyle's day of beauty

It's been wicked hot here this past week, but Lyle and I have enjoyed some good rides regardless by heading out very early in the morning. Any earlier and I'll be taking a flashlight. When we arrived home Sunday, I declared a spa day to reward Lyle for his exemplary behavior. I thought he might enjoy a refreshing shower and comb-out to rid his skin of the layers of fly spray, tree sap, and accumulated dirt from the past oh-so-many months.

Spa days are a bit of a rarity in these parts because, really, what's the point? Like cleaning the house, two or three days minutes later, you've got nothing to show for all your hard work.

In any event, Lyle enjoyed his shower immensely and would have let me comb his tail for hours had I been so inclined. But since I was already drenched and filthy as a result of Lyle being sparkly clean, I decided to give Hank the full beauty-parlor treatment, too.

I started using one of these new-fangled hose-attachment shampoos a few years ago, and boy do we love it. The little men in the hose calculate the precise amount of shampoo to dispense through the sprayer.

This brand contains "ginseng root, alfalfa, wheat germ, licorice, nettle, aloe juice, soy protein and arnic montana flower." Hmm...did I misread the directions? Was I supposed to serve it with dinner to get them clean?

Hank stood so perfectly still for his shower, I could tell he enjoyed every drop of this magical elixir as it soothed his itchy skin. I let him soak for a few minutes, then started to rinse. I swear, he would stand still in a car wash if the water temperature is just right.

I squeegeed off the water and let Hank air-dry as I sprayed his tail with conditioner and combed and combed and combed. Hank is a tri-color Paint: brown, white and black. Once I was through with him, his brown hair glistened, his white hair and mane gleamed, and his jet black tail? Think Elvis on a good-hair day.

I turned him out in the corral and watched in admiration as my handsome Hank proudly strutted his squeaky-clean self.


Then off he walked, telling me exactly what he thought of his day of beauty.

Sensible, level-headed, knows-the-hand-that-feeds-him Lyle remained clean for the remainder of the day.


  1. LOL! EXACTLY what my boys like to do when I geive them a bath!

  2. I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me. I've tried to outsmart them by hand grazing until dry, but no good. They still roll. Hank was absolutely beautiful and sparkly before the roll,he's still a handsome guy even when dusty. What a good boy Lyle is for staying clean.
    I haven't seen that shampoo but I'm going to get some and give it a try.

  3. Well, look at it this way, at least he didn't push past you into the house jump on the couch trailing water everywhere and then run upstairs and do THAT on your bed! which was my last dog bath experience.

    Great photos! Have a great week.

  4. Now Linda - you KNOW the best part of the equine spa day is the ROLL! :)

    I love seeing their bellies - for some reason it makes me think of my babies (the human ones) when they were very young.

    I have to tell you though - in the shot of Hank rolling, all four hooves in the air, I am seriously drooling over those four frogs!

    I have become a geek about horse hooves.

  5. Love the photos and the story! They are beautiful, whether before or after rolling! And tri-colors are my favorities - not that I don't like every horse of every color.

  6. Beamer loves to roll after a bath, so I make sure I put him in a grass pen until he's dry. You got some great photos of Hank rolling there!

  7. It figures huh? I had spa day for my two on Saturday. My bay is a very clean boy and didn't roll. My fat red one rolled before I could even get out of his stall. mama's little piggy! Lyle looked beautiful for a minute there!

  8. Yep, saw that one coming! Piper did the same thing to me yesterday...
    horses will be horses :)

  9. LOL! I have no doubt they both enjoyed all the pampering. Boys will be boys, apparently. They sure do look perty all cleaned up!

    I laughed, too, at your description of the shampoo and the little men inside.

  10. Oh Hank...! Well, at least he was all shiny and clean for a few pics, eh. What a gorgeous boy! :-)

  11. Hilarious!

    Both boys are oh so handsome!

  12. Horses are the same the world over....they love you and all that you do for/to them, but then, yours really don't want to go out into the wilds of NM looking like girly-men now do they?

    We were gonna bathe yesterday too, but then thought....nah.

  13. The joys of seeing our horses clean, then immediately dirty.
    Hank looked so good nice and shiny, apparently he didn't think so!
    I have one of those shampoo sprayer things, but I haven't tried it yet. I'll have to do that the next time my horses get a bath!

  14. Gosh they are gorgeous! I used to live in Virginia where we had red clay in the soil and my cats would roll in it. The vet told me it protected them from fleas. Don't know if it works for horses or if you have fleas there or not.

    Well, at least they got to enjoy the spa and THEN get some clean dirt to roll in.

  15. My mare did worse than that! Not only did she step on the hose that bathed her....but then not two seconds after rinsing and not even able to sqeegee off she took a roll in the MUD and the DIRT!!! So I really did a lot of work for nothing...I still had a dull beige horse that was s'posed to be glistening white!

  16. Hi Carson: Great photos. It looks like Hank is feeling better with the arthritis since he is able to roll like that and get up without too much pain. Hats off for taking such good care of all the animals at your ranch.
    It looks like you are really enjoying your summer in NM.
    Best always, Sandra

  17. Don't you just love horses?! I can't tell you how many times I've had that happen, moral of the story is - never have a horse with any white on it!!! (Only kidding Hank)

  18. man I hate it when they do that! And they always do that! As soon as you think sure they are dry enough they couldn't possible do to much dirt dammage! Then bam they get down and dirty!

    he was very shiny and clean and quite handsome even if it was for one brief moment :)

  19. What a hoot! He was so shiny clean. Sure am glad you got a shot him when you did lol

  20. I love these pictures! What a fun time and so typical after they have a bath, go and roll!
    The picture of him shaking is hilarious!

  21. Oh Hank! Naughty boy. Neat picture where he is shaking off the dirt. They both look beautiful after their baths, despite the dirt roll. I'm looking for one of those spray on shampoos. Haven't seen that brand. Thanks posting about it.

  22. The boys are gorgeous, even with Hank's dust bath! You got some great photos too, the clarity is amazing. Did the shampoo really do the trick to soothe itching? I might have to get some of that.