Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Favorites ~ World Wide Wonderment

O Internet, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

When you get to the heart of the matter, the whole reason I can live and thrive in the middle of nowhere is because of the Internet. It's my link to civilization. I am able to earn a living without setting foot off the ranch solely because of this marvel of technology. This Internet thing, it's a miracle.

I can be as reclusive and independent as I want to be, yet stay on top of current events, shop til I drop, learn about anything and everything, connect with family and friends, even make new friends. In all seriousness, I could not live this life without the Internet.

Aside from my favorite blogs, I have a bunch of regular stops on the Internet that I make every day. Since the 7MSN isn't on anybody's paper route, I make do with the online editions of the Washington Post and NY Times. Then I check the latest equine news and health information at No day would be complete without the day's Doonesbury. I'll even fess up to a daily dose of celebrity gossip at People magazine. I don't have to stay up late to watch Letterman because I can read his Top Ten list the next morning online. And all of this stuff is free! How is that even possible?

Then we get down to the practical sites, like online banking. How did I ever live without bill pay? And the weather radar, and Flickr, and craigslist, and audible.

As much time as I spend on the Internet, I've barely scratched the surface of interesting places to go. Aside from blogs, what are your favorite places online? What am I missing? What sites make your life better or easier that I should know about? Expand my horizons - let me know in the comments or do your own post and tell me where to look.

I'll close with what I believe is one of the coolest things about the Internet, and that is the ability to connect people for the purpose of doing good things. Some of you may be readers of the Fat Cyclist's blog. He's an hysterically funny writer even if you aren't a gear-head, and his wife Susan is fighting a battle with cancer. Fatty is helping in the fight by raising funds for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and Pioneer Woman is holding a raffle today the help Fatty help Susan. That's a whole lotta helping going on, and you can be a helper, too. The raffle tickets are only $5, and the prize if you win is a Nikon D80 and Photoshop software. Go here for all the scoop.


  1. What an interesting and enlightening Friday Favorites!

    I am like you in that I read my different blogs, check USAToday and local papers, and People magazine. I do most of my shopping (clothing, books, doggie goodies, etc) online too and 'the big brown truck' makes regular deliveries here! How wonderful is that, as I am not really into shopping and going to the mall.

    A favorite site, although only occasionally, is epinions. It helps with decision making on a purchase sometimes.

    Guess my stops on the internet are quite boring compared to some ... it will be fun to see where others go. Thanks Carson, this should be fun!

  2. Hi Carson: I'm with you. I cannot live without the internet and don't know how I coped before it came around. I'm always excited about what they'll dream up next. The internet has changed the world.
    As for blogs: I like "Chickens in the Road" Suzanne McMinn (a paperback writer) a mother with kids, a farm and lots of animals including donkeys. I also like Farm girl fare. She escaped lifein SFO and moved close to nowhere in Missouri. Her husband was not happy so he left her standing on the porch. She's amazing with animals etc and a fabulous baker and meal maker. Lots of creative ideas from both these ladies and they are risk takers just like you. You might like to sneak a peak. David Lebovitz in Paris well he's an american living in Paris. He has a great blog too. Wit humor and lots of trials and tribs from living in Europe and he's a pastry artist and ice cream maker and the best is, he shares.
    Hope you like these suggestions.
    Best always, Sandra

  3. Great post...I love the Internet, too! It amazes me what can be found/viewed/discovered/learned on the Internet.

    I also check the weather constantly and could not live without the radar (people think I'm crazy, but they're not out there feeding horses in all kinds of weather!). I also like to check a few blogs (I know, I am terrible about keeping up with mine...I need to be better). I am VERY addicted to reading a variety of horse/horse care forums, and I also check Facebook frequently, as I have gotten back in touch with several old friends.

    The Internet is wonderful! :D


    I absolutely love old photos. Saturday mornings are the BEST. PJM has a competition for a mystery photo. There is no prize I covet more than to be the 1st to uncover the mystery. Check it out early on Saturday morninings. He's in Texas. I'm in California; so I don't get in from chores until the fun is over. It's still great fun to follow.

  5. The internet is amazing! I limit my usage because otherwise I would never get my ass up off this chair or see the sunshine, except in blogger's posts every Friday. I do marvel at and am thrilled by the friendships, support & good works that have come out of my blogging experience. If not for this marvel of technology I would not have met you.


  6. Hey gave ME some places to go for rounding out my life, internet-ly. I get automatic feeds of and of course check out some fav blogs.

    Having been off work for almost 4 weeks, I have to admit, it is kinda nice to not have the rest of the world crammed down my throat via the radio on the way to/from work.

    And people doing good things for good people is one of the true magic parts of the internet.....yeah Lance and all he has created.

    Now, if I could just win something, anything from The Pioneer Woman. My life would be complete!

  7. I like a lot. It's essentially an online radio station that selects tracks for you based on your previous selections. It's also a social networking site, but you don't have to have an account to use it.

  8. I'm the same as you with the need for the keeps me sane and in touch...but only as in touch as I wanna be!

    I make a point to visit and every day. Freekibble is fun way to help dogs and cats get food donated to get to play the daily trivia game. And the animal rescue site is just a daily click to get food donated for animals. Always a worthy cause.