Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friday Favorites ~ my not-so-secret garden

On this episode of Friday Favorites, I'll share with you my not-so-secret garden.

Everybody out here knows about it, particularly the rabbits, the lizards, the snakes, and various other flower- and vegetable-eating varmints. But it's still one of my favorite places on the ranch.

It includes an ornamental cowboy, who spins around trying to rope the geraniums.

This year for the first time, mounds of these lavender wildflowers with yellow centers have magically appeared along the foundation of the house. They've been blooming since early May, opening up during the day and closing back up overnight.

Most of the perennials I've planted over the years haven't bothered to come back. Between the varmints and the hard-as-a-rock well water, only the hardiest survive.

The garden is also home to birds...

...and bees...

...and Smooch, but only when she's on her best behavior.

I love tending to my little patch of green. I'll love it even more once the fruit on that upside-down tomato plant starts to ripen. The varmints have yet to steal the little green tomatoes – that part of the garden is still a secret.


  1. OMG---I LOVE your bee! What a shot. And your garden is great...what a sanctuary, huh?

    After reading about your tomato planter I found one (the commercial variety of course) at a local discount store, bought 10 plants and stuffed it. Kinda late in the season to try it but what the heck. I have a bunch of yellow flowers in less than 3 weeks so we shall see what happens.

    Thanks for sharing your secret garden...shhhh.

  2. What a nice little corner of the world you have for yourself, and Smooch sometimes. The flowers you have a pretty and colorful. The lavender wildflowers look like wild asters we have around here.

  3. That's a lovely garden. Such pretty flowers and what a treat to get a surprise flower patch springing up too.

    Good mid-flight catch with the bumblebee shot! I like bumblebees. I love that, according to all scientists know about aerodynamics, they shouldn't be able to fly. :o)

  4. Loved visiting your not-so-secret garden Wonderful photos and Smooch looks gorgeous!

    I am glad I found your blog!

  5. Your garden is lovely. It would be my favorite place too.

    Did you see the new little dog I adopted? Coyote bait, but so cute.

  6. What a beautiful collage of pictures!! I bet it is lovely to see some colors out in the desert. I love the little lavender flowers that opened up. The remind me of some I just bought and planted in my pots.
    I hope you get some tomatoes. Those upside down hangers are all the rage. Seems like everyone has them (except for me, LOL!) Maybe I'll try one next year!

  7. Great looking garden. Smooch looks like such a good girl. I too, love the bumblebees. I can accidently water them with the hose and they never get grouchy with me.

  8. Love your garden and your photography. A tip for varmint filled spaces. Only plant natives, plant lots of "high oil" plants that varmints hate (lavender, rosemary, geraniums). Then be relaxed about a certain level of "acceptable losses". No plant is varmint-proof. And who wants to fence them out? The varmints are half the fun.

  9. Wonderful garden shots. It looks so peaceful and cool in there. Love your flower pictures, they are so pretty.

    Have a great weekend.

  10. I've just finished reading all four parts of your story about how a corporate gal ended up on a ranch in New Mexico. Loved every single word. (If it wasn't for the high cost of living, Santa Fe is a perfect "city." I'd serve coffee in the shop next door to the PhotoEye Bookstore and gallery to be able to live there. Anything.)

    If it wasn't for having made all the wrong (financial) decisions over the last few years, and now staring at seriously declining balances on every account, our dreams of moving to NM might have been realized. But, finding your blog today for SkyWatch FRIDAY was been a pure delight. You really did it. And lived to tell about it and contintue to blog about it. Congratulations!

    (I have two friends who graduated RIT in the early-mid 70s - Raul and Michael. Both lived/worked in NYC for a while where I met them and both are still shooting but slowing a bit - thought you may have actually gone there at the same time.)

    Thank you for sharing your incredible and uplifting story so well. I enjoyed it. - Frank

  11. Your secret garden is gorgeous. Love the pictures and Smooch looks very regal today.

  12. Beautiful garden! I love the fence too!

  13. Hey, thanks for the tour. Great garden.
    You and your critters have a great 4th of July.

  14. Oh, nice job capturing your gorgeous flowers (and Smooch) :-).
    Your not-so-secret garden is lovely.
    How *do* you keep all the critters away who want to partake in its loveliness?

  15. Love these photos... the bokeh in the bee, bird and flower pics...very nice... all are gorgeous!
    Nice "not so secret garden" you have!And Smooch just adds to it!

  16. What beatiful pictures and a beautiful garden!

    We have some green ones on our plant but no red ones yet :) Hope you get some soon!

  17. you have a lovely garden there. I'm trying an upside down tomato too- was wondering how I would keep the dogs out of it once it grows bigger.

  18. Thanks for sharing your "not so secret" garden! I love gardens and find it so fascinating between the wildlife it attracts and even the little native volunteers that show up. Gorgeous pics as always. :)

  19. Beautiful garden but Smooch steals the scene again :)

  20. It's a wonderful garden...those lil' flowers were a nice surprise for you. Wonder if they'll come back next year?