Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dancing With the Cones

Last week’s pas de deux pleased the judges emotionally but missed the mark technically.

Tonight, trying to move up the leader board and dancing the Cha-cha-cha, George Chmerkovskiy and his partner, Alan Dovolani.

Way to go, George and Alan! Let’s see what our judges have to say about that performance.

Hank-o Tonioli?

Bellisimo! Such improvement from last week! Magnifico!

Wynonna Ann Inaba?

For burros who have no formal dance training, I’m blown away. Good job.

Lyle Goodman?

There was very little chemistry between you. It seemed you were arguing. Frankly, it left me a bit cold.

Tune in next week, when our stars attempt the Mambo, and don't forget to vote.


  1. HA HA. You left me wiping tears.
    I give you a 10!

  2. Been lurkin' since I saw the link to your site from and just had to finally comment. I'm a fan of DWTS too and this post is oh so perfect! For entertainment value alone, my paddle says 10!

  3. LMAO
    When I read the last names of the dancers I was thinking, "DWTS?? NO way!" Then I got to the judges and realized it was true!

    LOVED it :)

    And 3rd pic in, when George has his head over Alan's neck... that reminds me of those fancy arm moves in the latin dances.

  4. It's gotta be a TEN ... their form was great (always in step with each other), although there looked like some disagreement along the way, but they recovered nicely.

  5. Bravo, this couple looked very in tune with each other and executed the dance with flawless grace. I give a 9. I can't wait til next week. They will go far.

  6. Those two are real characters. They are just a never ending source of amusement and always seem to be having a good time. I give them a 10. Love the picture of Wynona, she's a tough judge though.

  7. Loved the delicate poise and balance also exhibited by the kitty-in-the-stocktank in picture 4!

  8. you get a 10 for this post and Lyle has a part of my heart with that tongue sticking out!

  9. OH now that is just too funny! What a hoot to see first thing in the morning!

  10. Ha!

    I think they get a 10. They are so charming how could they get less?

  11. I'm an ardent fan, as you know. Encore! Encore!

    BTW, is Deets okay? Was the performance so bad in his opinion, that he just had to submerge his head under water to stop the pain? Is he retching in there? He has a cute little hind end, anyway.


  12. Aaaahh! Dancing with the Stars: Burro Style.

    Very clever!


  13. Hrumfp - Those jugdes need glasses that was a 10! Especially for cuteness!!

    George & Alan Fan :)

  14. I believe Lyle mistook the tension between the two as real tension and not artistic flair. I give them a 9, as they clearly were out of bounds in picture 4. No part of the cone must leave the the pen during the dance.

    Thanks for great fun today!

  15. You have the oddest creatures there. Lotta personality going on in your barnyard, lol
    And WHAT IS WITH LYLE AND THE TONGUE HANGING OUT? I think he does that on purpose.

  16. Those are hilarious. George and Alan are so darned sweet.