Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who among us couldn't use one of these?

Fess up, readers. Who among us isn't afraid of taking a tumble off our horse? The older we get, the more acute our fear becomes. We don't bounce like we did in our youth. We know the consequences of falling...pain, loss of use, a five-hour wait at the ER.

I heard a news story today and couldn't help but think this device should be re-purposed for equestrians.

Japanese firm unveils wearable airbag for elderly
A Japanese company unveiled a wearable airbag for the elderly that pops out when they fall. The 1.1 kilogram (2.4 pound) airbag looks like a traveler's waist pouch but inflates in one-tenth of a second when sensors detect the wearer has taken a tumble. The Tokyo-based company, Prop, unveiled the 148,000 yen (1,400 dollars) device at a fair of products for the elderly and people with disabilities.

OK, so we may have to desensitize our steeds to yet another scary object, but it would be worth it, don't you think?

Unless, of course, you ride in the desert, get dumped on a cactus and the darned thing deflates upon impact.


  1. I WANT ONE, but I'd probably be out riding in the desert and fall on a cactus!

  2. I am afraid of hitting the ground. I've been hurt too much not to be. Though, I will say it is great motivation to stay on that horse by whatever means possible! :-)

    It sounds like a nifty idea though. I couldn't see the video.

  3. Sounds like a great idea. Sign me up for one.

  4. What WILL they think of next? It sounds pretty good, however, there must be some universal law out there, a variation on Murphy's perhaps, that states that I would fall on the one part NOT protected by the inflatable thingy. Said thingy would still be neatly stowed on my back, while my front smacked the ground.

  5. Had to give up on riding, to many accidents. But being the clutz that I am, I might need it for walking around town.

  6. Like Carolynn said, I'd probably end up landing where the airbag wasn't. Since there is only neck and hip airbags, I'd surely end up doing a face plant! haha

    But you know the first thing that came to mind was that horrific popping sound that happens at impact. I'm thinking the fall would be the least of a person's worry after that.

    I'm imagining my horse bolting and freaking out from that sound. :-O


  7. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Very interesting. Stupid, but very interesting.


  8. Short horses rule!! :) Though I must say if they are going fast enough it doesn't seem to matter how close to the ground they/you are.....:)

  9. I'm thinking that sounds REAL GOOD right about now....

  10. Ha! It looks very fashionable on a seasoned gentleman, but wonder how the vest would look on women. Wish I'd have had one on my first and worst wreck.

    Your last comment caught my eye and made me laugh. My last wreck with my horse involved me walking him home (him walking me, really) after too many hops and spins on a trail ride. I knew what he was capable of. I was fuming and trying to envision his time in the round pen when we got home. Normally, he had impeccable ground manners. He'd lost his mind by the time we neared the barn. He cow-kicked me just as we passed an enormous patch of cactus. I swear, he knew exactly what he was doing! (I hung onto the lead anyway) He still spent a 1/2 hour in the round pen, but I spent the rest of the day picking spines out of my hips and tush.

  11. I have to admit that I am tempted to get one of these for my mother in law who we have been taking care of the past two weeks following a fall. She just refuses to use a cane or her walker and ended up in the hospital with this one. On top of that my father in law has Alzheimers so we were dealing with that as well. Perhaps this would help....probably not though. She fell forward and these say they only work backwards.