Monday, September 1, 2008

Rhapsody in blue, part 1

I'm sending good thoughts your way, Rafer Johnson.


  1. Poor Rafer, all his friends sending good thoughts should help him heal quickly.

  2. Oh, how gorgeous! And every one of those good thoughts has made it here, and we THANK YOU. :)

    Rafer is starting to get back to his bold little self, and this is going to be the big challenge. How to keep a young, athletic donkey happy in a very small space for such a long number of days?

    One of my stresses was alleviated this a.m. though - he can lie down and get up with this rig he has. So at least I know he can rest those little legs.

    I gave him arnica yesterday after the sedative wore off, and last night I spent some time before falling asleep visioning the site of the break and wrapping it in warm, healing white light.

    Today I think I will wrap him up in some of your blue sky, with that handsome burro face looking over us all like a protector.

  3. Rafer gets my Goddess goodness today.

    How can you not just kiss that face and dangle your fingers through his bangs. He's a handsome devil, your burro.

  4. Billie, that is such great news that Rafer can get up and down with the contraption on his leg! I'm sure he understands on some level why his confinement is necessary, and he will be a stronger, wiser donkey when this is over.

    When Lyle was three and developed laminitis, he was confined to a 12' x 12' stall for two months, then 12' x 24' for another three. He adjusted to his confinement quickly, and I think it was harder on me than it was on him.

  5. Thanks, Linda. His mood is subdued somewhat, and the hardest thing is, and I'm sure you understand with George and Alan, seeing those little donkey eyes looking into mine. They are utterly different than horse eyes and somehow the stoicism and love are hard to take when I know he is pretty much miserable.

    But - it's not forever, and you're right - he will come out of this a wise little man and I'm sure it will be one of our family legends that brings us comfort in the retelling.

  6. Sending Donkey Love back at ya!
    Tj a fellow donkey lover!

    Billie is right about their eyes. You gotta love their eyes, but my favorite thing is the way their breath smells. Sweet, with some earthy undertones. Yum.

  7. I'll keep Rafer in my prayers....poor little donkey :(
    BEAUTIFUL pictures and perfect title for them.

  8. Heal fast, Rafer...extra sorry, too, about the 4 month pen confinement... :-(

    Those pics are beautiful. What a gorgeous, borgeous burro. He knows it, too, doesn't he? :-) Is he smiling at me in that last shot? :-)

  9. He's taking his job of sending good thoughts to Rafer very seriously! OK, I'm going out on a limb and say that Rafer will heal completely and fully in a much shorter time than the vet said.

  10. I just love those pictures. Makes me smile.