Friday, September 12, 2008

Ranch Tour - What's behind door #3?

What's behind the mystery door (besides the plumbing)? No fair guessing if you've been here in person and peaked inside...Lisa. Come back tomorrow for the big reveal.


  1. Knowing how unique your house is (I've drooled over your pictures listed under 'more good stuff'), and even though I see a washer at the edge of this picture,I'd say it's not your detergents and such. Perhaps Smooch's food???

  2. Cool faucet.

    I think it is dog shampoo, Ivermectin, nail trimmers and other doggy items.

  3. So cool, the design.

    Is it a little box?

  4. Hmmmm... laundry room sink, let's see. If that were my laundry room sink, inside that door there would be my bucket of beet pulp pellets soaking for the next equine meal.

    But you probably have a sink out in your barn, so...

    Wynona's toiletries for her bath?

    clean saddle pads?

    baskets of lavender sachets?

  5. A cat liter box? Maybe it's a swinging door for the cats.

    I found you through the Black Box. Do you know about the Black Box?

    Hey, I have something in common with the woman who beat Palin in the Miss Alaska contest! I support Obama, and of course, world peace.

    Beautiful pictures on your site.

  6. I think it's where you keep a spare cowboy. You never know when he will come in handy.



  7. lol...I quite like Dan's guess, myself!

    Okay, I'm going to weigh in with my wild, out there guess. I don't think it's going to have anything to do with laundry rooms. That would be too easy.

    I'm going to guess a Princess Fairy Costume, complete with magic wand so you can conjure up the Cowboy whenever you want to.

    Or, maybe it's all the dead snakes you've been collecting recently.

    Oh, oh,, it's a home brew kit for wine...?

  8. I think that behind that door, there is a nice soft bed for a special feline.

  9. That area is beautiful! Great idea to hide the litter box, too.