Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ranch Tour - Cat Box Camouflage

My main path into my house is from the horse porch, through the garage, and into the laundry room. Every time I used to walk through the laundry room, I was confronted with a butt-ugly utility tub, made even worse by the cat litter box underneath it. One day in a rare flash of brilliance, I got to thinking, and this cabinet is the result.

I called the subcontractor who did all all the cabinetry in the house, and he agreed to make it. The front door allows me access to perform the day's least-liked chore.

The feline entrance is on the side facing the washer, hidden from view.

The cat's have their privacy and I don't have to look at the the ugly tub or the litter box.

Congratulations to TLP for making the correct guess...on her first visit to the 7MSN. She found me through a new widget that's going around called Black Boxes. I've put it over on the right side bar if you'd like to try it out.


  1. How cute! What a great idea!

  2. Now that's pretty sneaky, yet VERY inventive thinking!!! Who'd a thought that you'd 'tease' us with the picture of this secret door, and then on the side is the feline opening!!! What a wonderful difference having the 'butt-ugly' utility sink enclosed like that.

  3. Linda, this seems so obvious now - especially since the bane of my life is the two litter boxes in my laundry room that 5 picky cats are out of control over.

    Dickens uses the great outdoors, so really it's 4 who are vying for litter box control. They will each use BOTH litter boxes every time they go. It's assuming soap opera intensity.

    I may have to set up four separate boxes with security codes known only to each feline. :)

  4. Great idea, but I still like my idea as a spare cowboy storage.


  5. Perfect place for it! I have ours underneath my husbands work bench in the garage. There is a cat door from the kitchen to the garage, so Twittums can go out and use it whenever he wants.

  6. What a clever idea. Your house looks wonderful.

  7. That is both brilliant and beautiful. I love your taste, I mean even your laundry room looks cool! Bet the cats love it!

  8. Very good thinking! I'm not really one for thinking up brilliant ideas like this, so I'm amazed at how people think of these sort of things!