Friday, August 1, 2008

Morning Hangovers

Something strange is going on after I do the 9 pm stall check out in the barn. I think Hank and Lyle might be trotting down to the Rosebud Saloon in Mountainair for a few pitchers of beer with the locals. How else could these hangovers be explained?I caught them both sleeping with their eyes open this morning,
with the loose lower lip thing going on.Hank was oblivious to everything in the barnyard.
George and Alan must have stayed home last night, either that or they can hold their liquor; they had energy to burn.

Come on, Alan, let's get out of here.
I don't want to be around when he wakes up.


  1. Come on mom, it's summer...

  2. They probably had an all night poker game and just can't believe they lost to the card sharps George and Allen.

  3. Busted!

    You have the funniest group of characters living with you. How DO you get any work done?

    I love the shot of Deets sneaking a quick drink.

    Too bad about Wynonna. I'd love to scratch her belly at least.

  4. Your imagination cracks me up!!
    Lyle and Hank better watch out, or they will start to get that "rode hard and put away wet"!!!

    My kids clicked on Wynonna's link about 50 times this morning. They never tire of watching her. How is the swimming pool video coming along?

    George and Alan are definitely top contenders for Burro out Bejing, here they come!

  5. I'm such big fans of George and Alan...I've never paid much attention to burros before, but I feel a close kinship to them!

    Does that mean I'm more donkey than stallion??

  6. I think they went out to get a glamour shot done for their portfolio after being in the Equisite photo of the day contest.


  7. Your new camera looks like it is taking such nice pictures for you!

    I loved Deets sneaking a drink, too! ;)

  8. I love those goofy horse photos. They're not handling their fame well, eh? Too much partying. Oh no!

    Hopefully George and Alan will set 'em straight....or not! haha

    Made me smile seeing Deets, like the black bandit, stealing a sip of water right under Hank's nose! hehe

  9. I love the shot of the cat drinking out of the trough and Hank just standing oblivious. Funny!