Monday, July 21, 2008


My buddy Victoria stopped picking fresh raspberries, tomatoes and basil long enough to tag me with one of those spill-your-secrets games. (And am I envious of her varmint-free garden? You betcha.) I’m supposed to tell you six things about myself that you probably don’t know. (click on the image to enlarge it, if you dare)

1. I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, with very chubby cheeks.

2. Easter bonnets were a big deal throughout my childhood; I have pictures like these that span the years, wearing a variety of frisbee-like things strapped to my head. That’s my sister on the left...looks like there may have been a bee in her bonnet.

3. Once upon a time I was married.

4. Before I rode horses, I rode bicycles...a lot. Ever hear of the RAGBRAI? The Des Moines Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa? I did that three years in a row, and my favorite vacations were spent cycling in Italy.

5. I used to live in a townhouse in the city...imagine!

6. In 1993, a few months before I moved to New Mexico, I went to Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Ball...good lord, what was I thinking?? Actually, I was thinking I would most likely never have that kind of opportunity again so I went. And I still have the red sequined high heels that match this dress. Some things you just can’t throw away.

I’m going to tag some of the folks that have found this blog recently:
Cheryl at deserthorses
Carolynn at A Glowing Ember
Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch
Molly at HolaMole
Vonda at The Little Egg Farm
The Knutson’s

Play along if you’d like but if you don’t want to, that’s ok, too.


  1. I loved reading your tag!! I would have never guessed Cleveland in a million years.

  2. Very cute. You were a baby when you got married.
    I wouldn't ever throw away those ruby slippers either.

  3. Well you've done it all and now you're doing what you like best. Good for you, most people would just stick with being comfortable with the status quo even if they were not happy. In my book you kick butt.

  4. Great pictures and info! Thanks for the tag...I will play along, but I am warning everyone now,that I lead a rather dull life :)

    I am glad to see that you had LOTS of rain while I was on vacation. It's just too bad that it all comes at once vs. sporadically!

    Your pics of your "family" are just fabulous. Are they all from your new camera?

  5. PS-

    I guess I could start by saying that my name is Melanie! I noticed that everyone else has a first name, so I guess that I can share mine too :)

  6. Karen, sad but true. Spent my first 18 years in Cleveland, in a little suburb on the west side called Brooklyn (little as in there were 200 kids in my senior class). The whole family packed up and left when I went to college, and I've only been back for high school reunions.

    Molly, I was a 25-year-old 'baby' when I got married...I still call it the mistake of my youth.

    Grey Horse, that may be the highest compliment I've ever received. I'm serious. Thanks!

    Melanie Knutson! You have a name. Yes, all the recent family photos came out of the new camera. We're having too much fun.

  7. I went to Iowa State University, so I have DEFINITELY heard of RAGBRAI! I'm so impressed that you did it 3 times! I love riding my bike, too, but was never that ambitious. You are even cooler to me, now! Not many people I know out here in Washington have ever been to Iowa.

  8. Thanks for the tag, Linda. A lover of lists, you must know I can not pass this up. Although, a quick glance at today's post on my blog will probably reveal more little known facts about me than anyone cares to hear about. I promise, my answers to this tag will be upbeat, yet juicy and revealing. Stay tuned!

  9. Now, those are 6 things that we're definitely glad we know about you- Yes, indeed, you do kick butt! And I bet a party at the 7MSN is much more fun than any fancy shmansy Washington ball.

  10. Thanks for the tag (sarcasm).

    I don't know how I've managed to avoid being tagged the past couple years, but I have. And after reading the many interesting and amusing responses to this over the years, I'm afraid that I won't have anything to share that anyone would be remotely interested in.

    But after several days of looking through old pictures, and trying to find stuff about me, I think I'm ready.
    I'll be posting it later this evening just for you. :)

  11. Oh and I forget to comment on your 'spill your secrets' tag.

    Gosh you look drop-dead gorgeous in that bottom photo! What a knock-out!
    I have to admit, though, that I think I prefer the more natural, ranch chick/cowgirl-look better.

    And I used to bike-ride, too. I rode every weekend on the Rails-to-Trails around Annapolis, MD and Wash. DC. I also participated in several bike tours around Wash D.C and in Western Maryland/Wine Country (that was my favorite! hehe).

    I would have loved biking around Italy. What an adventure! I'd love to hear more about that one day :)