Saturday, July 19, 2008

The reason this post doesn't have a picture

What's a post without a picture? You know me...I love to illustrate everything.

Well, the reason this post doesn't have a picture is:
1. There was another drenching storm early yesterday evening. 1.4" of rain in just an hour!
2. The rain was accompanied by lots and lots of lightning...really close by.
3. Apparently some of the lightning was a little too close, as it fried the fuses in the electric fence charger and it fried my computer...or shall I say my employer's computer.

So I've spent the last 24 hours trying to regroup. Fixing the fence charger was the easy part, as I had extra fuses on hand. Whether the computer can be fixed remains to be seen. But I'm sitting here at a brand new computer (attached to the mother of all surge protectors) and all of my files were recoverable, so life is good again. But I haven't been able to install all my software so I can't resize the pictures off my camera. So that's why this post doesn't have a picture.


  1. Yay for rain, though! The last thunderstorm here did in our hot tub.

  2. That's why I unplug the TV and computer when storms are around. =)

  3. We have suffered casualties due to lightening in the past. What a pain. Glad you are OK!

  4. We just had a downpour here, too! I'm not sure yet how much it was, but a bowl outside is half full. The water actually ran up over our curbs! And lightning and thunder, too! Our lab puppy had to run out and play in the water while our other 2 dogs just hovered in the doorway! Thank goodness I am able to turn OFF the air conditioner for a while and enjoy the fresh air!

  5. This post makes me laugh because in the midst of all that chaos, you've still found a way to post on your blog. It's a sickness, I tell you.

    Congratulations to Hank & Lyle for being published on the equis site. They are a handsome couple, no question.

  6. I hate that you lost your computer...seems like I was lusting after it when we were discussing desks.
    But, since I love new gadgets Hurray for a new computer. I've got this huge surge protector, voltage regulator, battery back-up box and I still unplug my computer when a storm is imminent.

  7. Yep, chalk up the lost computer to a lesson learned the hard way. I SO should have known better. It was off and plugged into a surge protector but not a strong enough one. The monitor and satellite modem and printer were plugged into a different surge protector, which did its job. You can be sure that during the next lightning storm, the plugs are comin' out of the walls!

    Carolynn, you nailed it when you said this blogging thing is a sickness. For the 24 hours I was internet-less, I think I worried more about missing one of Pioneer Woman's posts than losing my job because I had no way to work. Is there a pill for this?

  8. Glad you're back!

    We had a scary lightning storm right outside our windows the other day, too. Knocked out our electricity and zapped our computer temporarily.
    I was able to reboot it several times and fiddle with it and now it seems 'sort of 'back to normal.

    Oddly enough, I had told Ranchman John the night before, during another big storm, to turn off his computer so it wouldn't get zapped. But he stayed on for a long time afterwards and he was just fine.

    I did the same thing the next night, but was getting ready to turn it off (right after I finished my blog upload!), and then it happened!

    Why me?? Blah. :P