Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Here's your sign?

It started out as an ordinary late-afternoon walk with Smooch. I brought my camera along, ‘cause you just never know when a walk might turn into an adventure. We barely got to the top of White Dirt Road when I saw my first picture. Storm clouds over the Manzanos, white dirt, navy blue skies...

Mom, look!

Hang on, Smooch, I’m busy here.

I turned to the east and saw more white dirt, this time against azure blue skies.


Smooch, stop pulling, dang it! I'm trying to take pictures here.


I caught my balance as Smooch tried to drag me down the road. And then I saw him.

Don’t be scaring him, Smooch.

We hadn’t seen our buddy the turtle in forever, though we’d certainly been thinking about him.

Where had he been for the last 12 months? And why had he shown up today?

Maybe Saturday’s gully washer had flooded his home. Or maybe he just felt like going out for dinner.
Or maybe it was a sign...

As Smooch and I stood there contemplating the implications of the turtle’s appearance, he walked off.

And a few minutes later, he was still walking off.

And several more minutes later, he was still walking off –
I didn’t have to increase the camera’s shutter speed to capture the action.

I’ll never know why the turtle picked this day to come out and visit us, but I was delighted to see him again.
I think he needs a name. I shall call him Steve... Turtle Steve.


  1. I like Steve!! Pictures are awesome!

  2. What a great day around the 7MSN. Kudos to Smooch for being so observant while you're eyes were towards the skies.
    Of course his eyes are closer to the ground, so we won't hold it against you for not noticing earlier. hehe

    I love that cute picture of you with the 'Ooooh" on your face. Fun!

  3. Stevie the wonder! ;)
    How big was he?
    I liked the first shot you took of him curled up in his little turtle (or is it big) shell!

  4. Turtle Steve is surely good luck. Didn't we learn that before, about a month or two ago? He is probably a desert tortoise, as I'm sure you know, that gets active in the rainy season so they can graze. He certainly is a beauty.

  5. We have a saying over here, that if you see a turtle heading up a hill it means a flood is coming. I guess that means if he's heading down then it's over?

  6. Steve is so darned cute. Did that take you all morning to photograph. I mean he looks like he is moving but at the pace of a turtle you never know.

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