Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Comings and goings

A little bit of rain was all it took for the pasture grass to start growing. The boys are officially off welfare and back to feeding themselves. They continue to show up in the barn at what used to be their designated meal times. They look around, get a little huffy, then nicker for me to come out and feed them.
Nice try, guys, but no more room service.

So back out to the pasture they go.

They generally stay out all night, then when they hear Wynonna start bellowing for her breakfast, they head back to the barn, thinking I'll cave and feed them, too.

And I do...but just a little. I like to give them all a good inspection in the mornings, so I'm happy to offer them a little reward for showing up.


  1. Linda, you're having way too much fun with that camera. Why does your camera take better pictures than mine? ;-)

  2. Nice to see all that green in the pastures, I bet? I can't remember how many acres they have to roam and graze on?

  3. If I could only do that with my kids!!! JK

  4. Your pasture is big enough for them to not need any hay? Wow! It is so cute how George and Alan are nose-to-butt in the last picture. Love them!

  5. The boys have 80 acres on which to graze, so when the grass is growing (usually late April through October) I don't have to give them any additional forage. And sometimes, I even have to confine them in the corral for part of the day so they don't put on weight. Since donkeys seem to get fat on dirt, I'll be watching them closely now and pull them off pasture at the first sign of a few extra pounds.

  6. Eighty acres! My herd would be in heaven. (I suspect Keil Bay would come in for every meal, no matter what, though!)

    I'm loving this new camera - keep clicking!

  7. Jeez, you're lucky with all that acreage and a few gully washer rainstorms making the grass grow so well.

    All that seems to be growing up
    here is weeds....and Baby Doll is too picky to eat most of the weeds. The wild sunflowers are going gangbusters, though. And she comes along and snips the entire top of 'em, like they never had a chance! haha!

    She's worse than a spoiled puppy, in that she literally begs and puts on a pitifully, sweet face for a little more hay.
    I'm afraid we're all such suckers for her food manipulations around here. I think we need to get a little stronger, though, 'cause she's lost her 'girlish' figure and looks more like she's due to deliver a bouncy baby foal any minute! haha

  8. 80 acres of pure green heaven to the gang. The camera and you are taking great pictures, love them. I had to go over and listen to Wynona again she is a riot. I'm telling you if you were to make a calendar or something with all these pictures on it I think that would be a great seller or gifts for people. Not everyone has this many photo ops with all the different critters.

  9. Hi Linda,
    I recently stumbled upon your blog and just love it. Your entire animal family is so beautiful! I love these shots of the herd coming and going....beautiful pictures and amazing critters! Smooch is to die for...what a lucky dog to have such a good life :)

    See you around!
    Sue from Colorado

  10. Welcome to the 7MSN, Colorado Sue! We love visitors - glad you found us.

  11. I am loving your pictures. Nice shots.