Thursday, June 19, 2008

Unequal Time

I was having trouble finding things in the archives of this blog, so I decided to go back and add labels to all the previous posts. Once blogger did its thing and tallied up the summary, I had a guilt attack. Certain members of the household have been virtually neglected in these ramblings. What kind of herd leader am I to all but ignore the activities and contributions of the indoor felines? After all, they lead such exciting lives.

Take Daffodil, for instance. She begins her day on the north end of my dresser, resting after her long, exhaustive eight hours of sleep on my bed.

Wait...something has captured her attention.

Give it a rest, Snapper. You’ll never break through that screen
and you know it.

It’s so exhausting to watch her take pictures. I think I’ll just move to the other end of the dresser and lay here for the remainder of the day.

Meanwhile, Rosebud is starting her day on the window seat, checking out the action in the garden, watching the plants not grow. Will it ever rain again?

Then she moves to the office to peer out at the equine antics in the corral.

Exhausted from watching others play, she sinks once again into slumber.

Snapper stays busy shedding in the guest room.

I will do my best to include these oft-neglected creatures in this space more frequently. And as soon as they wake up, I’ll be sure to let them know.


  1. YEAH! I kept trying to stuff the poll box and vote for more info on the cats - my personal favorites - they are all just adorable (even if they make me sneeze!)

    BUT .... where's my favorite kitty, Deets? Still no personal space on the home page! We've seen Deets playing with horses/burros, but I think we need a video of the talking kitty purrs in the feed barn.

  2. They're all pretty adorable, even if they have been neglected. I think Daffodil may be my favorite just from looking at the pictures, she is just too cute and I love her name.

  3. Gotta love cats! They just don't care what you think of them, and they'll sleep all day if they darn well please!

  4. They're a lovely trio. I love Rosebud with her big 'bunny' feet sticking out. As much as I malign my own bundle of fur for being so incredibly laid back, he is a wonderful role model to emulate. I gotta wonder about the honorable things they did in their past lives to warrant such a cushy gig this time around.

  5. Hi Linda,
    I don't think you need to feel guilty. Have you heard the tune 'Fluffy's Master Plan for World Domination' by The Bobs? It's on their Coaster CD, available at It's a song about cats taking over the world. I think your crew planned it this way purposefully so that you would feel guilty! Don't fall into their scheming plot........

  6. Thanks for sharing these felines with us. Are they strictly indoor? I love the shot of Daffodil on the dresser, with the reflection. Did you see that as your took the picture or notice it afterwards?

  7. When I die I want to come back as one of your spoiled happy and beautiful cats.

    And I hear ya on the rain. Some wind and lightning blew in tonight and I could swear I smelled rain, but it never materialized. sigh.

  8. Wouldn't it be great to be a cat. If I could stand to lay in the flowerbed and have ants and other things crawl on me I'd be a darn cat. They are so peaceful.

    Just today I did a blog on our neglected turtle Fraynk.

  9. Kathleen, I'll get Deets on the home page - not to worry.

    Grey Horse, I love the name Daffodil, too. Out of all my critters, she and Wynonna are the only ones who come running when I call their names. I think it might have something to do with three syllables. Go figure.

    Karen, these cats do wake up to eat, but that's about it.

    Carolynn, I, too, aspire to be a cat some days, but the thought of having fur balls makes me gag.

    Janet, I'll be looking for that song on itunes.

    Twinville, the lightning here the other night started a wildfire on the other side of Chupadera Mesa - way too close for comfort. Channel 4 said last night that it was only 50 - 100 acres but the smoke yesterday was nervewracking.

    Pony Girl, this group is strictly indoor. Snapper started out to be a barn cat at my old place but he would stand at the windows and cry, so I caved. I did notice the reflection of Daffodil before I shot the picture - I even thought about going to get a dust rag first but didn't want to lose the light.

    And Cathy, I'm on my way over to read about Fraynk.

  10. Beautiful furballs! I've always wondered why cats get along so well with horses. My two spoiled boys live indoors too, but my neighbor has a feral cat rescue foundation, so we have plenty of visitors in the barn. The horses go nose to nose to greet them, and these are cats that won't come near a human being even if you have a plate of tuna in your hand. A friend of mine has a very old pony whose best friend is a little kitty that lives in her stall and sleeps on her back. Predator snuggling with a prey animal?

  11. Just had to comment on the cat and horses relationship that Victoria mentioned.

    I was surprised when our 'barn cat' Jones started rubbing all over Baby Doll's head and legs when he first arrived. I thought for sure that Baby Doll wouldn't like it as she isn't crazy about goats, which I've heard that most horses like having as buddies.

    But Baby Doll seems to enjoy Jones' attention, even with his tail in her nose and eyes. haha

    Also, Linda, I'm glad you're ok and didn't get affected by the fire or lightning. I agree about the smoke and lightning being so unnerving and scary.

    I used to love watching the storm and lightning displays when we used to live in Rio Rancho on the mesa, but here in the mountains, those same storms make me a little nervous.