Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Billie over at camera-obscura mentioned this morning that she had seen a turtle on her morning walk. I learned from her that the turtle symbolizes an invitation to enjoy the blessings of both heaven and earth, and also longevity. Hmmm.

I was instantly reminded of the turtle that was walking down the driveway of the 7MSN ranch the day I moved in. My friend Kim, protector and rescuer of all nature’s creatures, got out of her car, picked up the turtle, and moved it out of harm’s way. I have seen this turtle three times since then. I’m pretty sure I know where he lives; I watched him scurry into a big hole one day, just south of the main gate. Perhaps when he showed up to greet me on moving day he was inviting me to enjoy the blessings of this land. That’s a nice idea that I’ll keep pondering.

So all these turtle thoughts have been bouncing around in my shell...I mean my

About an hour ago, I received an e-mail from someone who is interested in buying my horse trailer. She asked me to send her pictures. I went outside to take a few and heard a jet flying overhead. I looked up to see what kind it was. But all I saw was this turtle. Hmmm.


  1. It's a serendipitous week - so much going on with nature and creatures and our places on the earth!

    I love the turtle in the sky.

  2. That's funny. It looks totally different than any of the other clouds in the sky ...

  3. Here it is a full moon and almost the solstice. Your cloud turtle looks like a sea turtle.

  4. A turtle in the sky? I can see that, or it's the mother ship coming to abduct you and bring you back home.
    Seriously all this turtle stuff is pretty cool.

  5. Hee, I thought it kind of looked like a mother ship too! ;)
    It is strange how these little
    "signs" just pop into our lives sometimes....random, or meant to be?

  6. What a soft fluffy turtle!

    And I really like what the turtle symbolizes.

  7. I totally agree that there is power and meaning in "signs." Your cloud definitely looks like a huge turtle that is watching over your ranch :)
    I love "signs." They help to remind us that we are not the only ones in charge; that there were others who once lived where we are now standing...especially in New Mexico!

    PS-My kids want to know how all of the "animals" are doing at the "ranch lady's blog?"

  8. Hey, Knutson kids! The animals are all doing just fine. I'm still trying to make a video of Wynonna in her bath tub. I know you'll love it. Stay tuned.

  9. Cool picture. I see a turle but I also see a stingray.

  10. Who knew that June was the month of the turtle? I'm still nervously waiting to see if the turtle eggs in my pasture are going to hatch. Turtles in the sky, turtles underground - what does it all mean?