Friday, May 2, 2008

Wild Kingdom moment

I walked out the back door with Smooch for our walk tonight, and there standing next to the hay barn was a herd of pronghorns. I stuffed Smooch back in the house so she wouldn't scare them away, and I grabbed my camera.

They stared at me for awhile, I stared at them, then they caught wind of the horses and decided it was time to leave.

They stayed inside the fence line, then headed west, where George and Alan happened to be. As the herd ran off...

...George and Alan gave chase and made it clear to the pronghorns that they were not welcome here.


  1. Who knew, George and Alan are like the Lion Kings! ;)

  2. Gorgeous! I just love your views!

  3. I love those pronghorns and always look for them while driving south from our house.
    Besides Bison, pronghorn are just the epitome of the natural wild west.

    Love your guard donkeys, too.